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access_time August 9, 2012 at 10:37 PM in Reviews by Ramon Aranda

Review | You Don’t Know Jack

Since its debut in 1995, You Don’t Know Jack has provided fans with plenty of laughs with its comedy quiz titles that have found their way to PCs, consoles and even iOS. However, Jellyvision has finally brought the funny to Facebook, which makes for the perfect combination of accessibility and social entertainment.

Each game is broken down into five questions, that are categorized as Dis or Dat, Gibberish Questions and Jack Attack.  Dis or Dat rounds ask players to figure out what category each topic falls under while in Gibberish rounds, you’ll be given a clue that rhymes with something else and you must then type in your answer.  Finally each game, which includes five questions, ends with a Jack Attack round, where you’ll need to take a clue and match it to various concepts.

During play, you’ll also get to check out some hilarious “commercials” that pimp out fake products and just genuinely make you laugh out loud.  As you progress, you’ll also be able to unlock the commercials to play back anytime you want and believe me, there are some outrageous ones that border on ridiculous.

Of course the real hook of the game is comparing your scores with those of your friends.  Multiplayer is actually asynchronous, which keeps the action short and sweet, and at the end of each game, you’ll earn “cash” for your score and be placed on a leaderboard, where you can see how you rank among  your friends who have completed the same one.  While playing each round, your response times and correct (or wrong) answers, will affect your score, earning Achievements along the way.

As addicting as the game is, you’re only allowed one free episode to play per day, but on the flip side, you can earn more episodes either by purchasing them, or unlocking them – be it via Achievements, inviting friends and more.

Even when forgetting to come back everyday, you’ll likely find yourself wanting to play, when your friends start posting their scores, especially if they’ve beaten your score.  I’ve personally seen a number of friends post their Achievements on my wall to gloat, which entices me to one-up them.

It’ll be interesting to see just how long Jellyvision plans on updating the game, but for the time being, they’ve done a great job of offering consistent content while maintaining it’s humour and wit.


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