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Dishonored Pre-Order on Steam Comes with Free Copy of Arx Fatalis

by on August 3, 2012

Bethesda Softworks’ Dishonored is turning lots of heads, and if you’re looking to pick it up on PC, you might want to pre-order it through Steam. Doing so will nab you a copy of the fantasy-based RPG Arx Fatalis, a medieval-themed quest with lots to do. You’ll also get a discount on the QuakeCon Bundle, a 20+ game pack including Skyrim, RAGE, Fallout: New Vegas and more (it’s only $99.99 without the pre-order anyway!).

Mind you, you’ll have to deal with owning Rogue Warrior…that may be a steep price to pay, but getting all those other titles (including Commander Keen) makes it worth it.

What are you doing? Stop reading this article. Go pre-order Dishonored and get your discounted QuakeCon bundle. You owe it to yourself. More information about the QuakeCon bundle here.

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