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Xbox Live Argument Leads to Teen Attacking Friend with Knife and Gun

by on August 2, 2012

How many times have you wanted to punch out another gamer who’s mouthing off via Xbox Live?

Well one teen took things a bit too far, when an argument that occurred over Xbox Live apparently set off a 17-year old.

CBS Sacramento reports that a 20-year old Kevin Kemp was attacked by a friend, no less, earlier this week in Oakley, Calif.

“We were just talking over headsets,” Kemp told the news station, before adding that the conversation soon turned aggressive, reportedly about something unrelated to the game they were playing.

“I’m like, ‘Bro, if you want to do this, come over to my house and we’ll do this right now,’” Kemp admitted.

Well the friend did indeed come over…with a gun and knife in tow!

The “friend” barged right in through his front door, pushing past relatives and proceeded to attempt to shoot at Kemp, before stabbing him some 22 times.

Kemp explained, “[He] Walks up to my room and he points the gun right at me and takes out the clip and shows his bullet, puts it back in the gun, tries to shoot me and he shot it and it went right past my head. Almost hit me.”

Luckily for Kemp, he is OK, having been stitched up, while his now former friend will be charged with burglary and two counts of attempted murder, according to Jimmy Lee of the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department.  Despite being 17, he will be charged as an adult.

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