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Awesomenauts, Soundtrack Now Available on PC through Steam

by on August 1, 2012

Awesomenauts is, fittingly enough, an awesome experience. Unfortunately, it has spent its few months on the market as a title exclusive to console owners. Meanwhile, those armed only with a PC have had to look wearily upon its charm in anxious wait of the day that it would grace a platform more familiar with and appreciative of its genre, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Now, through the popular digital-distribution service Steam, Romino Games has ended the woes of an entire consumer base by releasing Awesomenauts and its soundtrack for PC.

Players can jump into the arena by buying Awesomenauts individually for $9.99, purchasing the game alongside its soundtrack – a collection of music available on its own for $2.99 – for $11.99, or by obtaining the game for themselves and two friends as a triple-pack bundle for $19.98. For now, the title’s release on Steam is limited only to PC users. Romino Games has stated that a Mac version will follow shortly behind this launch.


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