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Mickey and Oswald Saddle Up to Fort Wasteland in ‘Epic Mickey 2’ PAX Reveal

by Ryan Bateson August 31, 2012
Warren Spector along with the other creative minds at Disney Interactive’s Junction Point showcased another “Epic” reveal at the annual Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) taking place in Seattle, Washington this week. Exclusively revealed from Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is Fort Wasteland, a new park of Wasteland Mickey and Oswald will have to […]

Skyrim DLC May Never Come To PS3

by Justin Weinblatton August 31, 2012
In the early days of this generation, the PS3 saw little support due to being notoriously difficult to work on.  Games like Bayonetta and Orange Box struggled on the PS3, and some developers swore off the system.  In time, it seemed like developers had worked out the kinks and most recent third party titles perform […]

Skyrim DLC “Hearthfire” Inspired By Minecraft

by Andrew Kenton August 31, 2012
When news of the next Skyrim DLC was released it was pretty much assured that you were all watering at your mouths…except PS3 users anyway…Regardless the rest of you plowed through the Dawnguard DLC and were thirsting for more. In comes Hearthfire, the DLC that gives you the ability to craft your own house and […]

City of Heroes to Be Given a Heroic Death on Nov.30

by killatiaon August 31, 2012
City of Heroes, is set to have its servers, as well as the development team behind the game, shut down by November 30. Originality released back in 2004 by Ncsoft and developed by Cryptic Studios (though future development would later be handed off to Paragon Studios), CoH broke out of the standard MMO setting by having […]

Nariko, Fortesque Coming to PlayStation All-Stars

by Adam Larckon August 31, 2012
Another pair of fighters have been announced for PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale. Coming to the arena is both Nariko and Sir Daniel Fortesque. The first, from Heavenly Sword, will use her swords in a “high risk, high reward” style, while Daniel will be more methodical with his shield and sword. You can see them fight, […]

Torchlight 2 Gets Sept. 20 Release Date

by Adam Larckon August 31, 2012
The week of Sept. 18 has received another action-RPG. Besides Borderlands 2, Torchlight 2 is now set to release on Sept. 20 on PCs. The game, which now features online and local co-op, will cost $20.

Borderlands 2 Gets Extended Trailer

by Adam Larckon August 31, 2012
The latest Borderlands 2 trailer features plenty of new information. Presented by Sir Hammerlock, the trailer shows off the characters, skills, weapons, grenades, enemies and more that you’ll find while exploring. Check it out, and don’t forget that the release is only a few weeks away.

War of the Immortals On Steam

by Adam Larckon August 31, 2012
Perfect World has announced that their free-to-play MMO War of the Immortals is now on Steam. To celebrate the Steam release, Perfect World has announced that anyone that downloads and reaches level 10 through Steam will get a redemption code for a Steampunk Diver Outfit and various in-game prizes. “With the launch of War of […]

Gotham City Impostors Goes Free to Play on PC

by Sean Garmeron August 31, 2012
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced today that the PC version of Gotham City Impostors is now Free To Play. The latest version of the game is available for download at no cost via Steam and is Steamworks enabled. The game features eight maps and four modes inspired by the DC Comics’ Batman license. The maps […]

Deep Silver Details Next Dead Island Game

by Ramon Arandaon August 31, 2012
Deep Silver has today unveiled some new information regarding Dead Island Riptide: Drowning Hope; the next installment in the Dead Island franchise. Set for a 2013 release, Dead Island Riptide will have our previous survivors on board a military ship; thinking they have escaped their nightmare, when a storm hits and they soon find themselves […]

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero Info Revealed

by John Speerbreckeron August 30, 2012
Today, we were treated to the first exposition of the secretive Fox Engine from Hideo Kojimas Studio. In addition to speaking about the upcoming Metal Gear: Social Ops. Attendees were treated to a preview of the newest Metal Game. Ground Zero. Stating that the engine is set up to run on current generation systems and current […]