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Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Coming Sept. 18

by on July 27, 2012

The PC version of Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is only a few months away.

Overhaul Games announced that the title will be out on Sept. 18 on PC. The iOS and Mac versions will also release during the month of September, but Android versions are TBA.

In addition, new info was released about the edition, namely a new character, Neera, a “half-elf wild mage slowly coming to terms with her enormous magical potential.” She will also have a “romantic” adventure in a new area. The edition also has The Black Pits, where players will fight in the arena for Baeloth, the “mad drow” who made the pits.

Pre-orders are available for the game at a discounted price of $17.99 right now, while the fill game will be $19.99. You can pre-order at the link above.

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