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access_time July 27, 2012 at 9:43 AM in Nintendo by Andrew Kent

Analysts Speculate On Wii-U Launch Announcement

Riddle me this dear readers. Why are there people whose job it is to speculate? If you said to give us news journalists something to write about then you’d most likely be correct.

Recently Jesse Divnich, Vice President of Insights and Analysis for Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, took a jab at when Nintendo would announce the launch and pricing of the Wii-U.

I would expect Nintendo to make some form of an official announcement in September,” Divnich predicted to NowGamer. “Likely around, but not at, the Tokyo Game Show.

Although his guess is as good as anyone’s. I could have probably gone to a fortune teller and got something similar.

But when IS Nintendo going to announce pricing and a launch date for the system? It’s been almost two months since E3 and even longer since they announced a vague “Holiday 2012” release time frame for the Wii-U. Holiday 2012 is approaching fast Nintendo, and we are getting restless.

Source: Nintendo Universe


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