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Review | Tap Tap Revenge Tour

Time to flex those fingers, put on those headphones and get ready to jam out, as Disney Interactive has released the newest iteration in the Tap Tap series with Tap Tap Revenge Tour, for iOS.

The game gives players two main modes: Tour and Jam.  Jam Mode simply lets users pick and choose any songs of their liking and play on a variety of difficulty levels; each with their own grading (out of 3 stars).  This generally just serves as training mode to help you get better in Tour Mode.

Then there’s the game’s main mode – Tour Mode.  In Tour mode, players will get to play up to five tracks  everyday, each with its own difficulty level.   You start with Opening Act, before moving onto Supporting Act and then Headliner.  As you move down the line, you’re required to get a better score (in percentages) each time.  Finally if you can complete the headliner, you can get up to two Encores.  Completing each song grants you Notes, which are the game’s currency as well as Picks, which you’ll need in order to play more times.

You’ll also find yourself earning Achievements which can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and of course Game Center as well as items to decorate your wall.  Now the wall itself doesn’t do anything special, just gives you a place to put up stuff you’ve won.  If you are connected to other friends in the game, you can also check out their walls.

Now back to Tour mode for a second.  Again, each day you’ll be able to play up to five tracks, but once you’re done for the day, you’re done.  To me this is a double-edged sword, as you can’t really play anymore (unless you do more of Jam Mode), but it does give you incentives to come back each day to try out new tours.  Everyday that you come back you’ll unlock a new track, which you can use as part of your tour or for practice.  In addition, the game offers up free music, while also including premium tracks from bigger, more well-known artists.

Getting into the gameplay itself, the game, for those who have never tried a Tap Tap game, feels and looks like Guitar Hero.  You tap the screen to hit each note, sometimes hitting two notes at a time, to the tune of the music.  Also this game now offers up slices, which mean that instead of tapping a particular note, you may be asked to make a slicing motion upward for it to register.  You will also need to do a quick shake of your device in some instances or hold down a tap for a few seconds for longer tunes.

Tap Tap Revenge Tour also finally introduces video tracks, which has been requested for previous titles.  One such video, which you can pick up right off the bat is LFMAO’s “Sexy And I Know It”.  It’s a nice touch and adds some extra entertainment value to those types of tracks.  For songs that don’t have videos, you’ll still get some cool visual effects that adapt to the song and how well you’re doing.  You’ll also get a percentage icon on the right hand side so you know how well you’re performing and can also activate multipliers.

I had heard that some users were having lag issues, but quite frankly, I didn’t see any while playing the game while using it on my iPhone 4S.  I only ever noticed a tad of lag when scrolling through the game’s Music Store.

It should be noted that Tap Tap Revenge Tour is a freemium title and you’re never really required to pay to play, though you may be tempted to pick up a bundle of songs from a favorite artists, or if you’re really hardcore, pay for more Picks in order to play more often.  I honesty found myself getting a kick out of the game, and while I like having a reason to come back daily, would have wished that Tour Mode would let me play longer each day.  Still, there’s no denying that the game is addictive.  I also wanted to point out that the game’s menu has been much improved over Tap Tap Revenge 4.  It’s much easier to know where you’re going and what you need to do and I appreciated the overhaul as TTR4 made it very easy to get lost and frustrated me to the point sometimes, where I just exited the game.

Ultimately, Tap Tap Revenge Tour gives gamers no barrier in which to try the game out.  It’s free, there are free daily songs, and a good amount of variety of the music it offers.  And though it’s daily dose of gameplay could’ve been a bit lengthier, the game works well and most importantly, is fun.

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