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access_time July 25, 2012 at 2:59 PM in PC/Mac by Drew Robbins

Eurocom Notebooks to Begin Including Killer Wireless N-1202 Wi-Fi Module

Managing bandwidth is no small task in the modern age of multiple applications and streaming technology; it’s not a unique dilemma to be watching a program on Netflix and then be interrupted due to unnecessary, low-priority items running in the background. Qualcomm Atheros Killer Technology has been known to resolve this problem with their Wireless N-1202 Wi-Fi Module, a device that uses its Bluetooth connection to properly identify and then prioritize network traffic in an effort to provide for the most pleasant experience possible connecting to the internet and utilizing its many features. Today, this practical machination has been announced for Eurocom’s line of notebooks and mobile workstations.

As it pertains to our interests, the Wireless N-1202 Wi-Fi Module has proven to be a valuable tool for online gaming. Instead of having to battle back other applications, the device can put the chosen software at the forefront of its priority in a move that should make for an impeccably stable connection. Alternatively, one can simply use the included Killer Network Manager to properly mold the product and its priorities to fit their own lifestyle.

The Wireless N-1202 Wi-Fi Module will be included in all of Eurocom’s notebooks and mobile workstations. Those looking to upgrade their hardware are being offered standalone Killer Wireless adapters to improve their online experience without having to purchase an entirely new system.


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