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Auralux Now Available Exclusively for Tegra Devices

by on July 25, 2012

Though it may certainly take up residence on their discs, music is hardly the central focus of such real-time strategy games as Warcraft and Age of Empires; however, in Auralux, it’s all about the rhythmic flow of beats in the background and those that exude from every single move made by the player. Available now, Auralux puts an emphasis on tactics without putting an emphasis on twitch-based reflexes as every action, in a move that would very much please Isaac Newton, has its own distinct reaction.

For its first few weeks on the market, Auralux is available as a free download (with additional levels as a separate purchase) exclusively for devices using the Tegra 3 super chip processor. An expansion of the game, The Andromeda Pack, is another exclusive bonus for such hardware as it will not see the light of day on other platforms even after the title has seen a release on iOS and Android.

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