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GotGame Radio Daily: 7.25.12 – Epic Mickey 2 and Black Ops 2

by Steve Masterson July 25, 2012
There’s something epic brewing in the air and it would be no surprise to me that it’s because Epic Mickey 2 will be heading to Xbox 360 and PS3. Also on today’s episode of GotGame, I talk about how epic Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is going to be. Stay tuned! Official trailers below:

Review | Tap Tap Revenge Tour

by Ramon Arandaon July 25, 2012
Time to flex those fingers, put on those headphones and get ready to jam out, as Disney Interactive has released the newest iteration in the Tap Tap series with Tap Tap Revenge Tour, for iOS. The game gives players two main modes: Tour and Jam.  Jam Mode simply lets users pick and choose any songs […]

Eurocom Notebooks to Begin Including Killer Wireless N-1202 Wi-Fi Module

by Drew Robbinson July 25, 2012
Managing bandwidth is no small task in the modern age of multiple applications and streaming technology; it’s not a unique dilemma to be watching a program on Netflix and then be interrupted due to unnecessary, low-priority items running in the background. Qualcomm Atheros Killer Technology has been known to resolve this problem with their Wireless […]

Mario Kart 7 Hits the Road with Big Time Rush

by Drew Robbinson July 25, 2012
Despite popular belief, I am not a teenager and, despite what my love of Glee may indicate, I am not a girl. As such, I can safely say that Big Time Rush, a popular program on Nickelodeon that focuses on a band of best friends making music and wise cracks, skews well outside of my […]

Darksiders 2 Gets All Gameplay Trailer

by Adam Larckon July 25, 2012
We’re only a few short weeks away from Darksiders 2. To celebrate, THQ and Relic have released a trailer for the game made up of only gameplay. The trailer, seen below, shows some bosses and areas the game will feature, as well as some key characters. Check out the trailer below and get excited for […]

Swarm Announced for Skylanders Giants

by Adam Larckon July 25, 2012
The next giant for Skylanders Giants has been announced. Called Swarm, this air elemental was a prince of insect warriors before he grew too big for the colony, causing him to leave to help the other Giants. The giant bee will be available when the game releases later this year. You can see him below.

Nintendo Posts First Quarter Loss

by Adam Larckon July 25, 2012
  Nintendo has had another bad first quarter. The company posted a net loss of $220 million for the first quarter, which is not as bad as last year’s $332 million loss. Overall, the 3DS sold only 1.86 million in the quarter, although the handheld has sold 19 million units since launching. “Compared to the […]

Sleeping Dogs Gets Walkthrough Trailer

by Adam Larckon July 25, 2012
With Sleeping Dogs a few weeks from release, a new trailer has been released for the game today. The trailer gives a walkthrough for the mission Mrs. Chu’s Revenge, showing off mini-games, combat and more. The combat looks pretty fluid, and looks like to be a pretty fun game. Check out the trailer below.

New Dead Space 3 Screenshots Inside

by Adam Larckon July 25, 2012
New Dead Space 3 screenshots released over the E3 demo last month are showing off some of the dark areas that will be playable in the game. The screens, seen above and below, show off some of the environments and enemies players will be facing as they go along. Check them out for yourself to […]

Just Cause 2 Players Get Sleeping Dogs In-Game Content

by Ramon Arandaon July 25, 2012
We’re only a few weeks away from the launch of United Front Games’ Sleeping Dogs, to be published by Square Enix, and the publisher has announced that there will be some free in-game content to be had for Just Cause 2 players. When playing Sleeping Dogs, players can browse Wei Shen’s safehouse wardrobe to access […]

Review | Gravity Rush

by Louie Hidalgoon July 25, 2012
Not a lot of games interest me these days so when I caught a look at Gravity Rush for the first time it immediately captured my attention. The look of it was just fascinating. I’ve never seen a game like it before. To be honest thought it was going to be one of those games […]