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access_time July 24, 2012 at 10:31 AM in Culture by Andrew Kent

EA Being Blamed For Piracy In India

Piracy in today’s day and age is commonplace. If you can’t afford a game then you can just open up your torrent client, search for the game you want, and bam, you’ve got it on your computer in a few hours…or days depending on your internet connection.

One of the countries attributed to the most amount of piracy done is India. Rightfully so since the problem was SO bad that game companies like Valve and Rockstar slashed the prices of their games to between Rs. 499-999 (roughly around 5-10 USD). Things actually did get better, piracy rates dropped and people even started promoting buying physical copies of the game. Well I’ll be damned!

Despite the success of this campaign, EA has brought the price of their games in India back to the normal rate that they charge the rest of the world.Cue meme.

These game companies had the answer to getting rid of A LOT of piracy right in their hands and they went RIGHT back to where they started. It confuses me as to why these companies don’t think they can make a profit off of fairly priced games. Fairly priced as in something that we all can afford and a price that isn’t the same as my monthly electric bill.

I sure hope that one day these companies will get out of the old way of thinking and start looking toward the future.

Source: XBIGY Games


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