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access_time July 24, 2012 at 9:00 AM in Mobile by Ramon Aranda

Beware of MineKart 64 App Scam

Well all know that the App Store has its fair share of wanna be apps, though certainly not as bad as those you can find daily in the Android Market.

However, there is one app currently available that promises to mix Minecraft and Super Mario Kart 64, in what could be a pretty awesome combination, in MineKart 64.

According to the app’s description, as reported by Cult of Mac, the game “includes the move to 3D Computer Graphics and the inclusion of Four-Player Support. Players take control of characters from the MineCrafter Universe, who race around a variety of tracks with items that can either harm opponents or aid the user. The move to three-dimensional graphics allows for track features not possible with the original game’s Mode 7 graphics (Version 1.0), such as changes in elevation, bridges, walls, and pits.

The description also provides the following screenshot as an example of what to expect:

Unfortunately, that’s not what you’re gonna get when you buy it.

No siree; what you’ll actually get is this:

What a piece of crap, right?

The moral of the story? Don’t buy it!


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