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Buy or Sell: Ouya, Battlefield 4, Nintendoland, Sleeping Dogs

Alright, we’re back for another edition of Buy or Sell, where we ask two writers to either agree (buy) or disagree (sell) with various statements.

This week we have John Curry and John Speerbrecker for a double dose of John…wait that didn’t sound right….ah, whatever.

So let’s jump right into things!

1. The Ouya (Android-based) console interests you.

John Curry: Sell – No. No. NO. This is garbage and will be a waste of money for anyone, who is not a game developer, who buys it. The 8 gig hard drive is not the best way to introduce yourself to any market. The fact is by the time system actually makes it to market, if it does, it will be nothing more than a glorified cell phone game. There is no way this system actually presents any challenge to the Big 3 of gaming. No. Stay away from this. The only thing this set has going for it is it’s $99 and user modifications are promoted. If you don’t make games yourself, or prefer more than the standard Angry Birds faire that you get from Android games, then this system is not for you.

John Speerbrecker: Buy – Hell Yeah get that!  Only 100 bucks.  Now, I have this feeling that this system will be nothing more for people than just an home console rom emulator. But at the rate that Android systems seem to be upgrading their software, will the system be able to keep up with the tech or will it be just a two year life cycle system?

2. It’s too soon to be announcing a Battlefield 4.

John Curry: Buy – Yes. Geesh, I just bought the dlc, now I have to buy another game. I can’t iwn. People need some time in between their games to truly develop an appreciation for them. Look what it did for Elder Scrolls. Well spaced and enjoyable dlc kept the fans happy while something great was created, Skyrim. The fact is Battlefield 4 is just going to be another addition to the increasingly stagnant FPS genre. Yes, I know they look amazing, but at the heart of it, very little has changed in the FPS Military shooter. I personally would prefer to see Battlefield 4 be put off until it revolutionizes the industry. I love the use of vehicles in 3 but what’s the next step?

John Speerbrecker: Buy – Yes it feels like it is too soon, but if they want to even attempt to compete with Black ops 2, they don’t have a choice. The timing with the add-on release was just poor.  I still haven’t played BF3 yet.

3. Sleeping Dogs has you all kinds of excited.

John Curry: Buy – This is simple….YES!!!! I don’t need to go in to details here about this game. Just watch this video and tell me you are not interested.

This is one of my top 5 games I am anticipating this year. Chinese True Crime, can it get any better than that.

John Speerbrecker: Buy – I didn’t think so at first, but it is a welcome change to the genre. They will be going up against GTA 5 so this will be an interesting fall season. I just want to see if they incorporate a cart racing mini-game into it (the developers last two games).

4. If you were Nintendo, you’d release Nintendoland as a standalone title, and not bundle it with the Wii U.

John Curry: Sell – The truth is short of another Mario, Zelda, or Smash Brothers, there is not game that will draw people to the Wii U. However, Nintendo has realized that all of those games sell great by themselves. Normally this would alienate their fanbase, but after a lukewarm reception at E3, Nintendo is hoping that the ability to play previous games such as F-Zero is enough to satiate their fan base. I personally think that Nintendo’s successful run may very well be coming to an end with the Wii U and Nintendoland will not be enough to save it.

John Speerbrecker: Sell – Heck no! You have to bundle that.  Just look at Home on PSN, free content, minigames and connectivity between players all over the world. I don’t think that it is a deal breaker for the WiiU, but it is something that should be included automatically to remain relevant.

5. You find the shooter genre to be over-saturated right now.

John Curry: Buy – Good heavens there are more shooter games than ever before. It seems as if we are just warming up to a revival of the focus of shooter games. In the gaming world, there is a rotation of gaming patterns. For example, RPG’s will be hugely popular for a minute, then Sports themes, then Dance/Music games, then Shooters, then MMORPGs. It is all cyclical. Right now we just seem to use shooters as a de facto core game for all systems. Personally, I prefer shooters so I will play any that I can get my hands on. However, the oversaturation of shooters is not to say there is an oversaturation of good shooters. I’d rather have fewer but higher quality shooters. Not games that can simply be dlc for the current game.

John Speerbrecker: Buy – It’s over saturated at the moment, but I don’t think that there is much anyone can do to change it since people are still buying them up. Many gamers I speak to will keep buying all the shooters that come out, There are fanatics in the genre but at the same time there are guys that ONLY play stuff like Modern Warfare. I would like to see more differentiation in styles but with the insane cost of development today, it is pretty risky to try something else. With more shooters coming out It just looks like more of a concern over ROI than creating something Different, Innovative,and Killer.

6. You would have liked to have seen a Super Mario Bros. game that is a direct sequel to SMB2.

John Curry: Sell – Absolutely NOT. I would rather have a root canal from an armless dentist. SMB2 is one of the worst games of my childhood. Having it be a sequel to Mario 3 is a million times better. I pray there is never a point where a sequel to SMB2 is a good idea. No thank you. Go away and never mention this again.

John Speerbrecker: Buy – Of Course I would! The traditional SMB formula works out just fine. But put the breaks on for a sec and try something different. It doesn’t have to be a direct sequel to SMB2, but try something different in order to keep the crowd excited about the original SMB. Another year another Mario?

Don’t force us to get burned out.


  • stealth July 23, 2012 at 4:02 PM

    John Curry: Troll extrodenare

    The wii u is set to sell out at launch and be the number 1 selling system next gen.

    Mario is at launch, a 2d title, there top sellin titles.

    E3 was luke warm for everyone

    nintendo held back announcements for the direct

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