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access_time July 19, 2012 at 9:37 AM in Sony by Drew Robbins

PlayStation Vita Sales Strong in Japan, Reach 790,000 Since Launch

While it is common for new hardware to launch with a thunderous bang, the PlayStation Vita landed in its crowded marketplace with a dull thud. Consumers worldwide, it seemed, weren’t ready for a portable platform with the graphical capabilities near that of a dedicated gaming console. Time, as it is want to do, appears to have healed the ailing system as, according to IGN, the PlayStation Vita has now sold 790,633 units in Japan since launching last December.

The sudden burst of interest in Sony’s handheld darling is most likely due to the release of Persona 4: The Golden, a remake of a popular role-playing game with a Japanese leaning so heavy that it is comparable only to that of anime, Pocky, and Monster Hunter. ATLUS’s opus isn’t alone in its success; the very same sales data that outed the PlayStation Vita’s improving performance also revealed the top ten games to have launched so far for the platform.

  1. Persona 4: The Golden (188,782)
  2. Hot Shots Golf 6 (118,985)
  3. Uncharted Golden Abyss (89,390)
  4. Gravity Daze (74,785)
  5. Dynasty Warriors Next (74,718)
  6. 06: Tales of Innocence R (71,463)
  7. Lord of Apocalypse (69,162)
  8. Ragnarok Odyssey (65,318)
  9. Gundam Seed Battle Destiny (55,527)
  10. Disgaea 3 Return (54,902)

Sales figures outside of Japan have yet to be revealed, but strong numbers in Sony’s homeland, the same country that helped to make the PlayStation Portable a success, can only indicate a positive trend for the PlayStation Vita as it attempts to find its place in the industry.


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