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access_time July 19, 2012 at 8:23 PM in Mobile by John Speerbrecker

Gran Turismo is up on the Google Play Store—Kind of

As of this note, Gran Turismo is available to download on your android device for free. But don’t let the name fool you. The only similarities between this knock off and the AAA title that paved the way for Real Simulation Racing from Polyphony Digital is that they have cars in them. That is it. But so far, this knock-off has amassed over 100,000 downloads which tells you how much name recognition can get for you nowadays.

Is there a copyright issue with this game? Ya think? Don’t expect it to be up through the weekend. But in the meantime, the developer has done a very nice job of marketing their brand. The best that they can hope for is that they do not get sued and also will be able to not be known as the Gran Turismo – Rip Off Team.

The game is nothing that we haven’t seen before on portable devices. It is a simple top down racing game where the road is in constant motion and your automobile is stationary. You simply have to tilt your device left and right to dodge traffic and pick up points that will allow you to buy better cars and upgrades. Of course you can circumvent this entire process by spending real money on micro-transactions in order to get the best car now. The App is free so you can download it now if you choose to do so. Chances are that yo have played this game before if you have played cell phone racing games.

I look at this from two sides. First, it is great for the freedom that it gives to developers in that they don’t have to jump through flaming hoops while holding a mouthful of gasoline to get their game on the store. On the other hand, you are misleading customers but taking a recognized brand name and capitalizing on it for your own profit. I’m sure that the developers argument could stem from something to the extent that Gran Turismo is not on mobile devices other than PSP, so they are not competing with it. Until Polyphony licenses a game for mobile, they might be right.


  • Ramon Aranda July 19, 2012 at 10:47 PM

    LOL, this is all bad….damn rip-offs!

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