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Double Dragon Neon Puts Up Its Dukes on September 11

by Drew Robbinson July 18, 2012
I may not be old, but I’m old enough to remember a time in which games with such simple mechanics as jamming on an attack button while moving in the right direction were appreciated; Double Dragon Neon belongs to that forlorn genre, and the appreciation of its being will, according to Joystiq, begin when it […]

Windows 8 Surfaces For New and Upgrading Customers on October 26

by Drew Robbinson July 18, 2012
It seems as if it was just yesterday when the entirety of the internet was in an uproar over Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system and couldn’t wait for Windows 7 to come along and soothe their jangled nerves. Three years later, it is time for the vicious cycle to repeat itself once more as we […]

Hasbro, DeNA Reach Agreement To Develop Mobile Transformers Games

by Drew Robbinson July 18, 2012
Though the Transformers franchise is no stranger to the video game industry, it isn’t quite as familiar with the burgeoning market that is mobile hardware. Today, the two collided as Hasbro announced an official three-year agreement with DeNA to produce games based on the coveted Transformers license for iOS and Android-enabled devices. DeNA is a […]

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Kicks, Tricks, and Flips Way to XBLA Today

by Drew Robbinson July 18, 2012
As a young child, I came to master the performance art that is skateboarding; I could kick-flip, ollie, and grind with the best of them, but, alas, there was one problem with my accomplishments: they weren’t real. In fact, everything I mentioned above happened in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, a classic game that took a […]

Ouya CEO Denies Reports, Says That All Funding Will Come From Kickstarter

by Drew Robbinson July 18, 2012
Given the fact that the Ouya, an open-source alternative to the current slate of consoles on the market, has received over $5 million since beginning its Kickstarter campaign, you can bet that there was more than a little skepticism when Eurogamer reported that the company would begin seeking funds elsewhere upon the drive’s completion. After […]

Carmack, Panelists Announced For QuakeCon 2012

by Drew Robbinson July 18, 2012
The Quake namesake might not carry the same weight that it did two decades ago, but its spawn, a LAN party and festival entitled QuakeCon, continues to bear the banner of the once-omnipotent PC-gaming industry. With the event merely a handful of weeks away, Bethesda Softworks today announced the return of John Carmack, co-founder and […]

GotGame Radio Daily: 7.18.12 – 007 Legends and Borderlands 2

by Steve Masterson July 18, 2012
I know you Bond fans have been waiting for another game to get your hands on and shoot your friends up in mutliplayer which is why in this episode of I talk about 007 Legends as well as Borderlands 2. Stay tuned! Official trailers below:

Gaming’s WTF Moments – Jamie Kennedy at E3 2007

by Ramon Arandaon July 18, 2012
Highlighting the game industry's biggest "WTF" moments, both good and bad.

Paramount Pictures Trademarks World War Z Game

by Adam Larckon July 18, 2012
In what could be a big surprise, it appears the World War Z movie could be getting a game. Ok, sarcasm aside, Paramount Pictures has filed a trademark for “entertainment services, namely, providing online electronic games,” and another trademark for downloadable, handheld and cartridge/disc games. The studio is set to release the movie next year, […]

Battleblock Theater Code is Complete

by Adam Larckon July 18, 2012
The code has been completed for Battleblock Theater. The announcement was made to Joystiq at Comic-Con last week by Behemoth project manager Emil Ayoubkhan. Unfortunately, even though it was playable again at Comic-Con, there’s still no set release date for the game. In addition, there are still a few more stages Behemoth wants to complete […]

Foosball 2012 Coming to PS3, Vita

by Adam Larckon July 18, 2012
Foosball is coming to the PS3 and Vita next week. The PlayStation Blog announced that Foosball 2012 will launch on PSN Tuesday for $7.99, or $5.99 for PSPlus users. Buying the game will get you the Vita and PS3 versions. It supports the Move on PS3, and also has Crossplay support. You can see a […]