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Ouya Discusses Maximizing Performance with NVIDIA, Early Access for Developers

by on July 16, 2012

The Ouya, an open-source console powered by Android and funded by an extraordinarily successful Kickstarter campaign, was proposed as a solution to the stagnation of the video game industry. Now, the Ouya is being proposed as a solution to the stagnation of the video game industry that has received overwhelming fan support to the tune of nearly five million dollars. That figure is certainly nothing to scoff at, and the immense nature of it has allowed the system’s founders to begin talks with NVIDIA about making the most of the device and its integrated processor.

Powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 super chip processor, the Ouya has great potential to deliver experiences far beyond the capabilities of the typical Android-based project. When the two sides meet on Thursday, their focus will be, as Engadget emphasizes, on “maximizing” the console’s power.

In the same statement, Ouya let it be known that they are considering allowing developers to have early access to the console’s raw circuit board and software so that they may best prepare themselves for the device and its unique possibilities.

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