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Borderlands 2 Install Not Required for PS3

by Ramon Arandaon July 15, 2012
While it’s nice to reduce the load times and improve on the overall performance of a game by installing it on your system, it’s also a pain to have them take up so much space on a hard drive. Fortunately, Borderland...

Sony Planning New Slim PS3 Model?

by Sebastian Marcoon July 15, 2012
According Portuguese website Techoblog, Anatel (the Brazilian FCC) Sony has registered 3 new models. The new models will be similar but with different hard drive capacity. The new hard drive sizes will come in 500, 250, and 16gb. The latter is se...

Cole Magrath and Jak and Daxter Headed to PlayStation All-Stars

by Sebastian Marcoon July 15, 2012
Since its announcement at PlayStation’s press conference All-Stars:Battle Royale has come along way. From adding new characters, to bringing on former Capcom  employee Seth Killia...


Deadpool Game Announced at Comic-Con

by Sebastian Marcoon July 15, 2012
Today is the last day of Comic-Con, as many try to get their favorite comic signed, others are busy playing as much as the can with games when won’t see for a long time. Over the weekend Marvel hosted a panel giving a fans a preview ...

GotGame News Episode 38: Microsoft Patents Leaked, Kama Sutra on PS3, and Slender

by Ramon Arandaon July 15, 2012
  In this week’s episode of GotGame News, Ramon and Tara discuss a Microsoft patent leaked document highlighting new features for a better Ki...