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Nintendo Download Update (July 12)

by Drew Robbinson July 12, 2012
There exists a very small minority of the populace that can’t relate to Johnny Kung Fu, an old-school action title now available as a part of this week’s Nintendo Download for the 3DS. In the game, Johnny’s girlfriend, an undoubtedly delightful young lass, is kidnapped by the Mr. Wang Gang and held hostage until the […]

GotGame Radio Daily: 7.12.12 – London 2012 and Quantum Theory

by Steve Masterson July 12, 2012
Anyone getting hyped up on the Olympic stuff? We got 14 days to go before London 2012 kicks off and the game, being brought to you by Sega is what I’ll be talking about in this episode of GotGame Radio as well as a good ol game that I’ve played a while back that you […]

007 Legends Trailer: ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret’

by Ramon Arandaon July 12, 2012
Activision has just released this new trailer for 007 Legends; specifically a gameplay trailer that shows off the On Her Majesty’s Secret Service mission from the game.  This mission is set in the chilly area of Alpine. The game is currently in development for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Review | Slender

by John Curryon July 12, 2012
Lost in the forest, you seek out the lost 8 pages of the manuscript with nothing but a flashlight. Written on these 8 pages are parts of a story of the local internet myth, Slender Man, a man who simply follows and watches you, slowly entrancing you with his stare driving you to insanity until […]

Buzzwords (July 12)

by Drew Robbinson July 12, 2012
We live in a time of excess and instant gratification, but, above all else, we live in a time of buzzwords. Buzzwords control the landscape of the world; politics, sports, and, of course, video games are all manipulated by these simple words and phrases. As a result of their power, Buzzwords must be embraced. This […]

Nightwing and Cyborg in Injustice

by Adam Larckon July 12, 2012
Two more characters have been shown off for Injustice: Gods Among Us at Comic-Con. First up is Nightwing, who will be a quicker fighter that still wields his staff. In addition, Verge is reporting that the staff can be split in two to give a new move set and increased speed, but less range. Meanwhile, […]

XSEED Dates The Last Story

by Adam Larckon July 12, 2012
The Last Story finally has a North American release date. The title, possible one of the last big Wii games, will be out Aug. 14. All launch copies will have an art book, along with a soundtrack disc, seen above, that will be a pre-order bonus at GameStop, Amazon and EB Canada.

3DS XL Selling for Profit

by Adam Larckon July 12, 2012
Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata said that the 3DS XL won’t be sold for a loss, like the 3DS is. Iwata told the bit of news to the Independent. “First of all to the 3DS XL, we will not be selling this at a loss,” Iwata said. “We don’t have a huge profit margin on it, […]

Street Fighter X Tekken Dated for Vita

by Adam Larckon July 12, 2012
Capcom has finally given a release date for Street Fighter X Tekken for the Vita. While the console version has been out for a few months, the Vita version will release on Oct. 23. Getting the game will unlock 12 characters on the PS3, but Japan may have the better deal right now, as getting […]

Borderlands 2 Gets New Trailer

by Adam Larckon July 12, 2012
The newest trailer for Borderlands 2 may get you bobbing your head. The trailer, aptly titled Wimoweh, has the catch tune playing in the background as new enemies and areas are shown off. Be sure to check it out below.

Awesomenauts Update Coming Soon

by Adam Larckon July 12, 2012
The first big update for Awesomenauts is almost here. Ronimo announced that the update has gone for certification and will be available soon. It will add two new characters: Coco Nebulon, who uses electric attacks, and Derpl Zork, while can turn his tank into a turret. The update will also add in some balancing tweaks. […]