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access_time July 11, 2012 at 9:15 PM in Microsoft by Drew Robbins

Microsoft Patent Includes Depth-Sensing Kinect, Multiple CPUs as Part of Next Xbox Experience

For a platform that has yet to even see the light of day, it seems that the gaming populace knows quite a bit about the next iteration of the Microsoft Xbox. Last month, a document emerged purporting to outline the company’s strategy going forward in the console market, but today the spotlight is instead shining on a patent filed last month that outlines a “scalable multimedia computer system architecture.” That term, nonsensical as it may sound, describes a system connected far beyond the video game industry and well into the applications and social networks that now comprise the average American lifestyle.

Within the elaborate text, as it is extolled by IGN, of the patent are a variety of descriptions aligned with those found in last month’s leaked document, an assortment that includes a Kinect which can better assess the depth of any given room. Using an infrared light, the improved camera could sense its distance from various points within the home structure. Outside of the hardware’s motion-sensing utility, the documentation also illustrates an additional CPU which could open up the system to the possibility of running multiple applications at once without having to halt the actions of another. The very same excess CPU could also be used as a means by which users could, according to the wording of the patent, “record TV in the background and serve up to any device in the household. Stream your personal videos, music, photos and more and play them back from any device.”

The next Xbox has yet to be officially named or unveiled, but already its capabilities are beginning to materialize before our very eyes. That said, it could be a long wait before anything mentioned in this patent or the document leaked last month is officially confirmed by Microsoft so, at this point, everything is little more than well-reasoned speculation.


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