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Invincible, White Tanooki Suit Confirmed for New Super Mario Bros. 2

Video games are, in modern times, a generally easy affair. That said, there is a large segment of the demographic that continues to stumble through the various titles that litter store shelves as if they are a child first grasping the concept of jumping in Super Mario Bros.. Fittingly, it is Nintendo that has made itself an accomplice to those with lesser ability by implementing various mechanics designed to push players through their products in a manner free of anxiety. In Super Mario 3D Land, the White Tanooki Suit, a special power-up that made users invulnerable to all damage and allowed them to carelessly roam through the game’s many stages, debuted when an individual failed at the same point of a level at least five times. When the beloved plumber returns to his side-scrolling roots later this summer, he will be doing so in a similar fashion as the White Tanooki Suit has been confirmed to return in New Super Mario Bros. 2 by Japanese publication Famitsu.

According to Nintendo Universe, the White Tanooki Suit will abide by the same rules in New Super Mario Bros. 2 as it did in Super Mario 3D Land; upon dying at a specific portion of a level at least five times, players will be granted an Assist Block that gifts them with the invincibility that users have come to expect from the special ability.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 will launch both at retail and on the Nintendo 3DS eShop this August 19.


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