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The 2012 E3 Epic Win Awards (Part 5)


It’s finally here! Wake the kids! Call the neighbors! Time to book your limousines and get out your Sunday finest… Adam Larck has his finest top hat on, very dapper indeed… Josh Boykin is stunning the red carpet dressed to the nines a la millionaire Bruce Wayne… and Ramon Aranda looks sizzling in a sexy but classic Vera Wang cocktail gown… Yes, it must mean that it is time for the fifth and final part of the 2012 E3 Epic Win Awards!

This is the top of the mountain, the cream of the crop, the absolute best that E3 had to offer this year.E It’s the best item in the game. It’s Ragnarok, it’s Excalibur, it’s the Master Sword. It’s the things that were great out of so many good things that even a month later, we can’t stop talking about it.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at who were the Epic Epic Winners of E3 2012.


E3 2012’s Platform Full of Win

Whether it’s from new hardware, technological innovations, or a slew of great gaming titles, there’s always one platform that seems to stand out at E3. One platform seems to stand among the rest, wrenching the spotlight away from the rest, creating the most buzz throughout the floor, and leaving others with the sense of, “Wow, they’re going to have a big year.” That platform, it could be said, is full of Win.


2012’s Platform Full of Win is… Nintendo’s Wii U.

Whether you’re a Nintendo fanboy or a hardcore hater, the vast majority had one thing in common when it came to their latest console: curious.

And curiosity was just what Nintendo was hoping for. They started with the pre-E3 online reveal of the Wii U Gamepad, what it could do, and some of the future plans for it. We wanted to see it. At their E3 All-Access, they gave us a taste of some of the upcoming Wii U titles. Not a whole lot. Just a taste. And we grumbled at the time, but it did exactly what it was supposed to do: get us curious.

And curious we were, as the Nintendo booth was consistently packed, and buzz spreading not only of the New Super Mario Bros games and the potential launch title NintendoLand, but of the darker, more “grown-up” games like their port of Ninja Gaiden 3, Batman: Arkham Asylum – Armored Edition, and ZombiU, a zombie survival horror game that eschews fluff for heavier, darker, meatier (pun) gameplay that will leave even the hungriest (another) of gamer wanting to sink their teeth (zombie pun hat trick!) into this title.

The hardware is innovative, the titles are attracting, and with a name like Nintendo behind it, it will be a commercial hit as well. All that were curious had every right to be so. The Wii U is definitely a Platform Full of Win.


E3 2012’s Publisher Full of Win

Great games comes from great people, and great publishers work with great people. It goes to say, then, that great games that were frequently discussed at E3 2012 pointed back to great publishers, and one publisher this year not only took dominance on the floor, but also in the conferences and in the platforms’ conferences as well.


2012’s Publisher Full of Win is… Ubisoft.

It was a slam dunk for Ubisoft this year at E3. We’re talking old-skool, Shaquille O’Neill shatter-the-backboard slam dunk. The hottest games, the games with the most buzz, the games with the best reviews, came from Ubisoft. From the A of Assassin’s Creed 3 to the Z of ZombiU, the games that were on the top of everyone’s list came from the big purple swirl.

Ubisoft started strong before the floor opened with a high-energy, celebrity-studded conference in a showcase that even made Just Dance 4 look like fun. Refusing to just have a great press con, Ubisoft made their presence known not only in their own booth, but in others, with great titles such as the aforementioned Assassin’s Creed 3 and ZombiU, but titles like Farcry 3, Rayman Legends, and WATCH_DOGS had people talking.

And the talk about the Publisher Full of Win was mostly, “THAT was fun.”



E3 2012’s Title Full of Win

This is it. This is the Best Picture, the MVP, the gold medal. This is the game you responded with when asked the time-honored question “What was your favorite game at E3?” This is the game that you yourself clear your personal credit card for so you can be that guy in the midnight release line at your local game-retailer-of-choice.

And assuredly, this title is definitely Full of Win.


2012’s Title Full of Win is… WATCH_DOGS.

From the opening trailer played at E3 to the gameplay demo on the floor, everything about WATCH_DOGS screamed Win Win Win. Blending espionage and stealth with an LA Noire-esque grit and detail and topping it off with an element of “woah,” WATCH_DOGS left us not only with a sense of “this could happen to us,” but with a sense of “this could be happening to us right now.” Your character is a very normal person, no superpowers or anything, just knowledge of the system that he can use to his advantage, and we quickly grew to like the guy, even if he didn’t do much to make us do it. He was just an everyday guy and we connected strongly with that.

It was the title that everyone wanted more of before, during, and after E3, and for that, WATCH_DOGS is 2012’s Title Full of Win.


And with that, we have finally beaten the last drop out of the dead horse. You’ve seen the best (and worst) that E3 had to offer. But to the Epic Winners, a final challenge: We’ve hyped you up. Now it’s up to you to live up to it. Crashing amid all the hype would simply be an Epic Fail.


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