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Nintendo Bringing 3DS XL, Fall Releases to Comic-Con 2012

by Drew Robbinson July 9, 2012
In the beginning, Comic-Con was about comics. As it has evolved, its focus has shifted from the humble pen sketch to the not-so-humble hustle and bustle of Hollywood and, most recently, the video game industry. As the latter medium̵...

GotGame Radio Daily: 7.9.12 – Nascar Unleashed and Just Cause 2

by Steve Masterson July 9, 2012
Hey Gamers! Looking for a fun racing game that is a bit different from what you usually expect from a franchise like NASCAR? Try out their arcade sim NASCAR Unleashed which takes the whole concept of NASCAR but addin...

King Kong Atari 2600 Review

by Aqualungon July 9, 2012
“King Kong” for the Atari 2600.
  It’s finally here! Wake the kids! Call the neighbors! Time to book your limousines and get out your Sunday finest… Adam Larck has his finest top hat on, very dapper indeed… Josh Boykin is stunning the red carpet dressed to the nines a la millionaire Bruc...

Astro A50 Headset Preview

by Josh Boykinon July 9, 2012
Astro has been a big name in gaming headsets for years, generally catering to the needs of professional gamers. Working on transitioning from competitions to living rooms, Astro is starting to work their way into retailers. The newest entry to this line is dubbed the A50; I demoed a set while talki...

Square-Enix Logo

Square-Enix Reveals San Diego Comic Con Lineup

by Sean Garmeron July 9, 2012
Square Enix is bringing some big games to San Diego Comic-Con 2012. There will be five games at San Diego Comic Con. Tomb Raider will be making its first public playable debut ever at comic con. Other available and playable titles include Kingdom Hearts 3D,...
borderlands 2

Borderlands Players Getting ‘Vault Veterans’ Rewards

by Adam Larckon July 9, 2012
Gearbox Software is trying to reward Borderlands players when the sequel releases. Calling it the “Vault Veterans” reward program, Borderlands 2 will look for previous game save data when first starting. If any is f...

Phantasy Star Online 2 Coming to North America

by Adam Larckon July 9, 2012
It’s official, Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming stateside. Already out in Japan, the free-to-play action title will be coming to western shores in early 2013. European gamers will also get the game around that time While we don’t know much else ...

Halo 4

Certain Affinity Developing Forge Mode for Halo 4

by Adam Larckon July 9, 2012
Certain Affinity announced at RTX this weekend that they are currently developing the Forge editor for Halo 4. The newest version of the editor will allow for “Player Trait Zones,” which will allow for player characteristics, such as jump,...

Two More Added to All-Stars Battle Royale

by Adam Larckon July 9, 2012
The PlayStation Blog has shown off the two newest fighters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. First up we have Heihachi Mishima from Tekken, complete with his signature moves and a special where he launches enemies to space. Also coming to the game is Toro, the...

New Worms Revolution Trailer Shows Water Physics

by Adam Larckon July 9, 2012
The latest Worms Revolution trailer focuses more on graphical effects. The developer diary tells how the landscape is still 2D but has 3D, how physics objects can be destroyed and about the new water in the game. The biggest thing to note about the wate...