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Review | Adventure Time: Legends of Ooo

Many don’t understand the randomness and quirky humor of Cartoon Network’s prime-time wonder “Adventure Time”, but it’s a favorite among many kids and adults alike for its strange, goofy, and sometimes deep content. Trying to bring that zaniness off of the TV screen, Powerful Robot has tried their hand at developing a game that harnesses the style of “Adventure Time” in Adventure Time: Legends of Ooo.

A simple point-and-click style adventure (maybe point-and-point since it’s an iPod Touch game), you’ll take control of Finn and Jake as you travel through the world going on adventures. In the included episode, “The Big Hollow Princess,” Finn and Jake find out about the Ice King’s newest plot to capture princesses and make a sort of Trojan Horse Princess to infiltrate the Ice King’s lair, rescuing the other trapped princesses along the way. Typical Adventure Time-style humor is sprinkled throughout, ranging from weird princesses hitting on Finn to references to old episodes, and anyone who enjoys the show will get at least a couple laughs during the 15-20 minute playthrough.

The game is clearly designed for a younger age group, as you’ll be running back and forth from screen to screen, fetching items and using them to complete objectives. If you’re ever stuck, you can use one of the many hint snails spread around the game to give you a suggestion, though it’s not frequently that a puzzle will be challenging enough to need one. Perhaps that’s OK, though; Legends of Ooo doesn’t really designed to be a “game” per se, though; with its short playtime and straightforward nature it feels more like an interactive episode of the show.

Adventure Time: Legends of Ooo is a decent download, considering there really aren’t any other alternatives yet. It’s great that both Finn and Jake’s voices are included for most of their lines in the game, but the presence of their voices makes the lack of any other character’s all the more evident. Hearing the crotchety groan of the Ice King or Lumpy Space Princess’ obnoxious valley girl-whine would have make the experience feel that much more well-rounded. In addition, even if there are plans to release more episodes in the Legends of Ooo series, “Big Hollow Princess” feels short and doesn’t really offer any replayability. But if you’re an Adventure Time addict and are looking for a quick fix on the way to school or work, Legends of Ooo is worth a shot.


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