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Steam Summer Sale Still in the Works

by on July 6, 2012

Since 2010, Valve has made an annual tradition out of galvanizing the PC market in the summer with deals so insane that even the most conservative consumer can’t help but indulge in their virtual needs. Called the Steam Summer Sale, this event has become a hotly-anticipated milestone of the season for those looking to bolster their game collection and wreck their life savings. Neither heads nor tails has been seen of this year’s iteration of the sale, a fact that has lead many to wonder whether or not Valve is even planning on satiating the needs of a deal-hungry user base.

According to a post by Valve’s Mike Blaszczak on the company’s community forums, a Steam Summer Sale is still planned to happen at some point in the coming months.

We are planning a sale sometime this summer. Hope that helps!

Though no concrete details have been confirmed, this is at least a pleasant assurance that our collective wallets will be pillaged at some point before the summer is over; now I can rest easy.


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