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Buy or Sell: Xbox Live, Gaikai, Nintendo Network, More

Alright GotGamers, we’re back with another edition of Buy or Sell, where we bring up various topics and decide if we agree or disagree with those statements.

In this week’s edition, we have our News Editor Andrew Kent, as well as myself, Ramon Aranda, Senior Editor of the site.

So with that being said, let’s get right into it!


1. Sony’s acquisition of Gaikai should do wonders for the idea of cloud gaming.

Andrew Kent: Sell – While Sony is innovative what else can we do with cloud gaming right now that isn’t already being done? It should give some healthy competition to OnLive though. Hopefully this will lead to digital prices eventually dropping to where they should be.

Ramon Aranda: Buy – I’m in the mindset that Sony will hopefully incorporate cloud gaming into the PlayStation 4.  To have cloud gaming capabilities on the next console would be a fantastic idea.  I have OnLive and find myself playing it more in my living room (with their micro console) than I do on my PC.  It works well and I’d like to simply see a wider range of games.  That’s where Sony will likely come in; their library of games is obviously superior and if they can start offering on-the-cloud games in the future, then it will be another sweet avenue for grabbing titles.

2. It’s time that Xbox Live becomes a free service.

Andrew Kent: Buy – BIG TIME BUY. XBOX Live has been competing with the PSN for quite some time now. Some people will say that the security and multiplayer experience of XBL is better than that of PSN, and they could be totally right. However, if Microsoft truly wants their console to be a media device then forcing people to pay $60 on top of what they already pay for Hulu Plus, Netflix, or Amazon Instant is preposterous. As things are right now there is now doubt in my mind that the PSN is the better choice just because it’s free. Also Microsoft is pulling in money from every which corner of their console, when is enough, enough?

Ramon Aranda: Buy – Totally agree that it’s time for Microsoft to make Xbox Live free…specifically the Gold membership.  Either that, or make multiplayer part of the Silver membership.  Gamers are already having to start paying for an online pass for certain games if they get them pre-owned, but on top of that, they need a Gold membership to even play multiplayer.  On the other hand, the PlayStation Network allows you to play multiplayer for free and their PlayStation Plus actually offers you free stuff like full games; not to mention it’s cheaper.

3. That Nintendo hired a new Senior VP to spearhead their online efforts (a newly created position), give you hope that their online infrastructure for Nintendo Network will be appealing.

Andrew Kent: Sell – This shows that Nintendo is putting effort into their online experience but a Senior VP alone isn’t going to do much. It’s the vision and how the VP and their team put together this online infrastructure. Also it won’t have twitter or facebook integration so no amount of new positions will make up for the fact that gamers will complain about the lack incorporation of those services.

Ramon Aranda: Buy – This is a very on-the-fence ‘buy’ though.  I think the hiring shows that Nintendo is serious about getting something done properly for the Nintendo Network, but it doesn’t totally mean they will.  The company has been on the back burner of online networks as Microsoft and Sony have completely passed them by; not just in this generation but even the last one.  I truly do hope Nintendo does it right this time around though and I think they’re on the right track by acknowledging their past failures.

4. With 2K Sports apparently dropping out of the MLB game’s race (no plans for MLB 2K13 either), you’d like to see EA Sports jump on the opportunity to resurrect their baseball games.

Andrew Kent: Neither – I don’t delve into sports games. For all I care they should go away entirely, go and play sports how they were meant to be played: In real life.

Ramon Aranda: Sell – I’m quite happy playing MLB 2K12 and hopefully with a few more updates, it’ll suffice for a while.  I don’t recall having to buy Bases Loaded or Baseball Stars every year so I’m fine with it.  On the other hand, if I really do want an updated experience, I can just delve into MLB The Show, which is still a better franchise at this point.  EA has enough sports on their plate to concentrate on anyway.

5. It would have made sense to add a second analog slider to the Nintendo 3DS XL.


Andrew Kent: Sell – It does make sense to add a second analog slider to the 3DS XL but then again I think it would just feel weird. Having a 3DS with no second slider and then producing one, albeit an XL design, with a second slider kind of seems superfluous. Also I imagine that Nintendo would have to redo their factories to make it so the 3DS XL would be produced with a second slider which would take time and money. I’m assuming Nintendo doesn’t want to put much more time and money into the 3DS.

Ramon Aranda: Sell – At first, I was one of those who was upset that a second analog slider wasn’t included in the 3DS XL, but then just realized that it would probably do more bad than good.  Unless publishers would be able to drop a game update to their 3DS titles to support the extra slider, it would probably be more cumbersome.  Still, Nintendo dropped the ball originally by not incorporating one from the get-go with the 3DS.

6. 3D Gaming (stereoscopic) should be embraced more so than it is now.

Andrew Kent: Buy – 3D gaming is the future and will eventually lead to holographic gaming. What we also need to work on as equally as 3D gaming is controller-less gaming. Controllers have been a staple of gaming since the dawn of video games but it’s about time we had a change. I want to be able to interact with a game myself, be able to swing that sword and cast spells with my own motions. I want to be a part of the game, not a peripheral.

Ramon Aranda: Buy – Gaming in 3D rocks and we need more of it.  I love my Nintendo 3DS for that reason and it’d be great to see more and more of it on consoles.  There are a few titles out there on the PS3 and Xbox 360 that support 3D and they look pretty good.  Unless 3D suddenly takes a huge fall and consumers piss all over it, gaming needs to embrace it.


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