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iPad Mini on the Way?

by John Speerbreckeron July 3, 2012
With the introduction of the Google Nexus7 and the success of the Amazon fire, Apple is deciding to join the fray of “portable” tablets according to a report from Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargeaves. “We expect at least three significant small-form-factor tablets from tech behemoths to be in the market this holiday season: Apple’s 7.85″ iPad, […]

GotGame Radio Daily: 7.3.12 – Darksiders 2 and Resistance 3

by Steve Masterson July 3, 2012
Hey Gamers!  Have you gotten the chance to play the first Darksiders? It’s a great game that was a bit difficult for me but the story was epic. Darksiders 2 is coming out pretty soon and I’ve gotten plenty of chance to check it out so in today’s episode I talk about it a little […]

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD DLC Priced

by Adam Larckon July 3, 2012
About a month after launch, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD will be getting some new maps. The maps will come from the third entry in the series. While all the levels aren’t known, we do know that Airport will be making a return. Also in the content is some new pros to skate as and […]

Xbox Music Service Will Allow Subscription Streaming

by Adam Larckon July 3, 2012
According to a story by Bloomberg, the Xbox Music service will have two models. One model will let gamers stream music for a monthly or yearly fee, as well as purchase individual music. In addition, individual songs can be purchased without the subscription as well. The service will also feature an “online locker” that may […]

College Student Caught Distributing Homebrew Wii Software

by Andrew Kenton July 3, 2012
A college student in Kyoto prefecture was arrested for distributing homebrew Wii software online. The software is said to be a violation of Japan’s Unfair Competition Prevention law. The program in question was put up on the student’s website in February and allows people to use pirated software for their Wii console. Since the program […]

Worms Revolution Interview with Worms creator, Andy Davidson

by Steve Masterson July 3, 2012
  This time Gotgame sits down with, Worms creator, Andy Davidson. He chats with us about his high school days and how most of his time was spent creating the original Worms game. He tells us what to expect from Worms Revolution and how new players and veterans of the series will enjoy the game.

Xbox Fever (July 3)

by John De Largeon July 3, 2012
Cthulhu Saves Your iPhone! says: TUAW JDL: I love Zeboyd Games! Chris: Me too! They’ve got some impressive games on Xbox Live Indie Arcade for very cheap. If you love retro RPGs, you’ll love Zeboyd. And if you love Zeboyd, or you happen to need some more old school JRPGs in your life, you can […]

In Japan they want to make a REAL Gundam

by ubernauton July 3, 2012
Yes, that’s right, you read that headline correctly; according to Worldcrunch & Yahoo! Japan, well-known LDP party members Tadamori Oshima and Bunmei Ibuki are supposedly planning to construct of a functioning version of a real-life giant Gundam robot. The plan was disclosed in a 12-hour broadcast on Nico Nico Douga —a Japanese YouTube like site […]

Chillingo Releases 3 New Games for Android

by Josh Boykinon July 3, 2012
Chillingo, the mobile publishing company behind iOS titles Feed Me Oil, DrawRace 2, and Harry the Fairy, has decided to publish all of those titles on Google’s Android OS. After previously being exclusive to Apple’s mobile devices, this move will allow mobile players all over to play these popular titles. The three titles cover a […]

Review | Raystorm

by Classic L337on July 3, 2012
This is an unbiased video review of Raystorm for the iOS platform (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch). This mobile game was developed by: & published by: Raystorm is a classic Shoot Em’ Up game from the 90’s arcade scene. You can purchase Raystorm for $8.99 in the iTunes App Store: The review was produced by Tony […]

Buy or Sell: Xbox Live, Gaikai, Nintendo Network, More

by Ramon Arandaon July 3, 2012
In this week's edition of Buy or Sell, we discuss Xbox Live's need for going free, Sony's acquisition of Gaikai, 3D gaming, the Nintendo Network and more.