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access_time July 2, 2012 at 1:29 PM in Features by Ramon Aranda

Gaming’s WTF Moments – Super Mario Bros. Minus World

Hello gang, your senior editor at GotGame here, and I’m introducing a brand new column called, you guessed it, “Gaming’s WTF Moments”. In this new column, I will be discussing moments in gaming, whether they were within a game, as part of an industry event, that made me go “WTF?!”.

I should point out that I won’t limit this to things that made me scratch my head in a bad way; they could be awesome moments or announcements that I wasn’t expecting, or just something downright hilarious. I’ll try keeping it fresh.

That being said, I want to kick off the first edition of this column with the Minus World in Super Mario Bros. for the NES.

Now if you’ve never heard of the Minus World, go slap yourself. No but seriously, the Minus World was one of those things that most people who experienced it, came across it by sheer accident or after hearing or reading about it from someone/someplace. I happened to be one of those who accidentally stumbled across it by just fooling around out of boredom. By the time I discovered it, I had already beaten the game and was just simply looking around to see if I could find any other cool things, such as Warp Zones and that sort of thing. While on World 1-2 I made it to the end of the level and decided for whatever reason to jump around near the final pipe, only to see myself get stuck between the bricks. After moving around, I managed to drop down and discover this hidden world. Of course it seemed pretty cool that I had found this so called “World-1”, but what wasn’t so cool was when I figured out I couldn’t leave the level until I actually died. You can imagine my dismay when I kept completing the level, only to find myself at the beginning again. “What in the hell is going on here” I thought to myself.

As it turns out, the game puts you into World 36-1, which doesn’t really exist, but with the numbers getting cut off, it was just showing up as World-1. This ended up being an unbeatable level, a glitch if you will, that gained notoriety as more and more gamers found out about it. Even Nintendo got into the mix, showing gamers how to do it in an old Nintendo Power magazine.

To activate it, you simply need to be Super Mario, or Fire Mario, whatever you choose. Upon heading to the final pipe in World 1-2, you crouch down near the edge of the pipe then face left. Then jump in the air while staying crouched and move yourself to the right while in mid-air. Once you’re stuck on the wall, walk to the right a little bit and jump down the first pipe from the left. Now enjoy an endless level that would have someone not in the know, wonder, “WTF?!”

Although the glitch was fixed in future remakes of the game, the version found on the Virtual Console for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii still have the bug, purposely of course.
Come to think of it, that would probably be a sweet prank to play on an unsuspecting, and younger gamer. Go ahead, blow his/her mind.


So what are some of your WTF moments?


  • Todd Vote July 5, 2012 at 8:48 AM

    I had totally forgotten about the minus world. great memories..

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