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The 2012 E3 Epic Win Awards (Part 2)

Part 2 of the E3 2012 Epic Win Awards is here and ready to give out some big ol’ golden Thumbs Ups! In part 1 we talked about some of the physical aspects of the expo, but today we move on to the meat and potatoes of the show.

But since there were no meat and potatoes served at E3, let’s move past that to the games!

Now, as much as we love the Epic Wins at E3 (and how could you not, there was a lot to love), we have to confess, there were some things that were actually more like Epic Fails. Although we do like to stay positive here at GotGame, there were some things so epically bad that they had to be brought up, and one of them just had to be mercilessly mocked. And if you were in LA for this, you know it had to be shot straight to the top of the list:


Biggest Flop of E3 2012

And the Epic Win… er, we mean… Epic Fail belongs to… Sony Wonderbook.


Sony should have really thought this one out better. If you’re introducing a new game or IP to the world, you can get away with just having a short clip or a small, non-playable demo, as long as it’s good, and more important, captivating. WATCH_DOGS, Tomb Raider, The Last of Us… they got away with it, because what we saw left us hungry for more.

But if you’re going to debut a new technology, you need all that… and it has to work too. Might not be your final format, but at least make it workable.

With Microsoft pushing Kinect hard, and the Wii U taking center stage, Sony was relying on Wonderbook to be its entry into the kinetic controller sweepstakes this year. A PlayStation Move peripheral, Wonderbook would be an interactive storybook, using the PlayStation Move wands to interact with the story. Shown as an example, J.K. Rowling’s “Book of Spells.”

Oh, snap. J.K. Rowling? The author of Harry Potter’s adventures? OK, this could get good really quickly.

But the Wonderbook started by having issues relating to the PS Move sensors, repeatedly nagging the “reader” to “tilt the book toward the screen.” Seriously, it repeated it like three times until the reader did it. Whether it was techincal error or user error was one’s to judge.

But the big bringdown was when the book told the reader to cast a fire spell. The reader was to take the PS Move wand, draw the figure of a 4, and that would cast the spell. The reader had to draw the figure 4 at least five times, because the Wonderbook would simply not recognize it if it was not perfect. It would just cut out halfway through. No fire, no spell, not even a puff of smoke.

And instead of cutting their losses, they plugged on, trying again and again until it finally stuck. So the hall slogged through the rest of the presentation, and at the end we were told we would hear about it from Ms. Rowling herself. This could make it all worth it…

…or it could be a quote on a screen. Insult to injury. Epic Fail, Wonderbook. Epic Fail.


Biggest Surprise of E3 2012



And the Epic Win belongs to… WATCH_DOGS.


So you’re soaking in all these great games, and taking notes, and out comes Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, all French and stuff, and he drops a heavy question on you… “Who is really managing the world we are in?”

…Excuse me, what? Say that again? I just watched a demo on free-to-play games, I can’t turn over to Philosophy 101 that quickly.

And then you’re hit with this:

[jwplayer config=”16:9 NoAutoPlay” mediaid=”45599″]

No one saw that coming. But one thing was for sure: everyone wanted to see it come back. It was instantly the hot topic at E3. Major Epic Win for WATCH_DOGS. Which is also why…


Most Anticipated (Non-Playable) Title at E3 2012

And the Epic Win belongs to… WATCH_DOGS.


From the moment that trailer was released at the Microsoft conference on Monday morning, WATCH_DOGS set the world on fire, even becoming a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, and I think that’s what drives our fuel for it.

Yes, the graphics look amazing – you feel as if you touch the raindrops on screen, your hand will get wet. Yes, the gameplay is innovative, it’s thought-provoking, it’s not a run-and-gun. Yes, it’s a brand-new IP, as opposed to the other great ones that are rattling off their second, third, fourth, fifth iterations. It’s fresh. There’s new characters to meet and new objectives to indulge in. I think all of that contributes to the anticipation of WATCH_DOGS.

But the key, the factor that’s really driving the frenzy, the lust for this game, is that… hell, we could be living it right now. After seeing the trailer at the Microsoft conference, before I even saw any sort of gameplay was, “Holy shit, you’re right.” In fact, I won’t lie, I did a quick wallet check to make sure I had all of my ID cards, licenses, and credit cards on me. The second thought was, “I must play this game.” I think it was one of the few titles everyone wanted to call “review copy” on.

The anticipation behind this title is not just in the graphics or the play. It’s in the fact that its location is here, and its timeframe is now. We want to play it not just to win, but to find out what we know about each other, and what they know about us. Massive Epic Win for WATCH_DOGS.

In Part 3 we launch into our Best Games for Each Genre categories. Ohh boy, I hope Anticipation 2 is in there somewhere.

If you missed Part 1, click here to review Epic Wins for Best Conference, Best Booth, and Hottest Booth Babes.


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