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Review | Temple Run Brave

Earlier this year, Imangi Studios released Temple Run to an unsuspecting mobile gaming public.  The game became an instant hit upon going free, featuring a male protagonist whose sole mission was to avoid being captured by a handful of evil monkeys.  Users would tilt the screen left and to avoid obstacles while collecting coins for points. You could jump and slide beneath these obstacles and platforms in a game that never ends.

Building off the addicting gameplay of Temple Run, Imangi Studios teamed up with Disney-Pixar to re-imagine the game in the form of Temple Run Brave – using the license of the Brave animated film.  The game again asks players to jump, slide and maneuver their way around the never-ending wild of Scotland, while avoiding being captured by Mordu, the demon bear from the movie.


The game, much like the first one, plays similarly and works quite well.  This time around however, Imangi Studios has added some archery elements, which lets users tap the screen when targets appear for added bonuses.  Luckily it’s not too distracting, though at times, it does become difficult to see them as they blend into the environment.  Speaking of environment, the game has received a noticeable upgrade in the visual department.  From the start, you can see that Temple Run Brave is much more polished, not just in animation but the overall textures and detail.  Merida also gets some voice-overs, which is a nice touch.

Again, the gist of the game is to try and beat your own points score as well as the distance in which you ran before your game ended.  Unlike the Temple Run however, Temple Run Brave is not a free game, which may shun away some gamers.  On the bright side, the game, which sells for $0.99, includes 2500 of in-game coins, which allows players to buy new costumes, power-ups and even wallpapers.

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To me, the game is just as enjoyable as the first one, and the added polish is great, but it’s not without its problems.  For starters, though the game is Game Center compatible for iOS, there are no online leaderboards to speak of.  They are present in the first game but for some reason not on this one.  The leaderboard is offline and only shows your own scores.  Secondly, there is no social connectivity, while Temple Run features Twitter integration.  Also, while the game does have in-game achievements, none of them show up on Game Center either.  I don’t know why these features didn’t make it into the game, especially considering they were talked about previously, but I’m hoping that a future update will finally get them into the game.

Owners of Temple Run may be weary of paying $0.99 for a newer, prettier, but less feature-filled version, but for those who haven’t picked one up yet, Temple Run Brave is a fun and addicting title that any gamer should definitely check out.


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