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The 2012 E3 Epic Win Awards (Part 1)

Just when you thought we could not possibly milk more coverage out of this year’s E3 show in Los Angeles, here we are to prove you wrong, because it is time for GotGame.com’s E3 Epic Win Awards!

We all know there’s some great stuff that has come out of E3: exciting titles, serious peripheral action, even new console hardware. Those are all major wins. But we’re here to celebrate the winningest wins… the Epic Wins if you will… the items from the conference that made you create new words for how great it was, such as “amazeballs,” “ZOMGworthy,” and “completely suckless.”


We kick off the awards celebrating the Epic Wins from the actual show itself; the Epic Wins that made it feel less like a trade show, and more like a solid week of Gamer Nerdvana.


Best Conference at E3 2012

And the Epic Win belongs to… Ubisoft.

The big bigs at E3 all threw their own press conferences. Some called it Media Briefings, some called it All-Access, but whatever it was called, it boiled down to a press conference. These press conferences, by nature, have all the excitement of a lecture hall in college – sure, you’re interested in the course material, but the delivery is about as dry as a bad piece of cornbread.


Ubisoft’s conference was the lecture hall with the course material you’re interested in and a professor that kicks ass. Ubisoft’s conference showed everyone that they weren’t just at E3 to schlep games. It showed that not only did they stand behind their upcoming releases but they were visibly excited about them. And while not everything worked (the Internet celeb they used for a co-host had me frantically searching for a “dislike” button then panicking when I realized it wasn’t the safe confines of YouTube), the games revealed and the gameplay shown bolstered the excitement. Assassin’s Creed 3FarCry 3, and the knockout of E3, WATCH_DOGS, all had us licking our lips for more. Throw in live professional gaming, a Just Dance 4 performance by Flo-Rida to start the show, and emcee the show with the hottest game chick in Hollywood, Aisha Tyler, who herself admitted a lot of the previews gave her “girlwood,” and you’ve got a conference with attitude, which is exactly what Ubisoft wanted. Epic Win for Ubisoft.


Best Booth at E3 2012

And the Epic Win belongs to… Square Enix.

If the conferences are the lecture hall classes, then the actual E3 Exhibit Floor are the discussion sections, where you get to lay your hands on the games and play for yourself, talk to creators, etc. But E3 never does anything as simple as just an “exhibit.” The Floor is better thought of a miniature theme park – throw yourself in and soak up the world of video games. But with so many good games competing for your attention, a little style is needed to go with the substance to catch your attention.

Square Enix, parent company of some heavyweight game series such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, is well aware of this point. Not only did they have some great playable demos at their booth, such as the aforementioned Kingdom Hearts 3DQuantum ConundrumHitman: Absolution, and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, they also had a great booth set up. Square Enix’s booth had plenty of stations to try games out at, all equipped with stereo headphones to hear the audio the way it was meant to be. I rarely had to wait to get a station to test a game on, unlike some of the other booths that would have preferred to create lines for “popularity” effect. There was also plenty of space, so I wasn’t constantly running into people. Part of the booth had a display of various collectibles from the Square Enix universe, so in addition to the future they also had a homage to their past.

My favorite feature at the booth: SEATS! You don’t understand how valuable that is until you’ve been hightailing it all over the Los Angeles Convention Center for hours. But in front of those seats was a big movie wall, playing trailers for the Square Enix games. Sounds like a no-brainer, but it worked. While taking a very quick break in Square Enix’s seating area, I saw the trailer for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. I was intrigued… a music game set in the Final Fantasy universe? I had to see this. Mission accomplished, Square Enix. Epic Win for you.


Hottest Booth Babes at E3 2012

And the Epic Win belongs to… GREE.


How do you get the attention of the 47,000ish predominately-male gaming attendees at E3? Well, there’s anticipated titles, new technologies, swag giveaways… but how do you really get their attention?

Big, juicy breasts.

Needless to say, the Hooters across from the LA Convention Center did great numbers during E3.

Also, there were some pretty hot babes in the booths. What’s better than a great game? A great game with a hot chick nearby. Our nod this year goes to mobile gaming platform GREE, making a big push from the Korean market to the US. GREE has some interesting and exciting titles coming up, including mobile ports of Resident Evil and Metal Slug.

But not only did they have interesting titles, they had her:










And them:











And a little bit of her:











…………………………………what were we talking about again? …Oh yeah, GREE! Super great! Epic win! Go out and buy all their things now!!!!!!!

And stay tuned to Part 2 of the E3 Epic Win Awards, focusing on some of the surprises from the show… for better or for worse!


  • Ramon Aranda June 28, 2012 at 11:01 PM

    Yeah by far, Ubisoft nailed it at E3. As for Gree…yeah, they rocked it.

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