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Review | Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops The Line is a 3rd person military shooter. The game is set in Dubai several months after a major sandstorm wiped it off the map. Your 3 man team is sent in to see if there are any survivors after a mysterious radio signal is found by the man leading the team that was trying to evacuate everyone, John Konrad who was leading the 33rd. The team consists of Walker, the main character that you control, and his heavy gunner Adams, and sniper Lugo. The main narrative of the campaign deals with the psychological effects of war and long term combat on the mind. All set around the most opulent ruins imaginable.

The combat of the game is fast and heavy, the controls are tight, and the shooting is what you would expect from a military shooter. The variety of guns is limited but almost every gun has a second mode of fire even if it is just attaching a silencer. My favorite gun by far was the AA15 when you get this gun do not let it go, it is so bad ass. Unfortunately you can only acquire it later in the game. The cover system is fluid but at times can be clunky, the enemy AI is decent not great, but average for the genre. The enviorments can be destroyed to incapicitate your enemies, for instance shooting out a window that is holding up a ton of sand so that it slides out and buries your opponents.

As for the over arching story it is far too complicated to get into and to tell you much more than the basics would ruin the story for you, and for me the story is the best part of this game. The choices you make will affect the outcome and the voice acting is top notch. Many of you will recognize the voice of Walker, Nolan North, made famous by doing the voice of Nathan Drake from the Uncharted Series. What I think is the best part is that this game shows that in war there are no winners and the affect it has on the individuals on the field. Making this one of the more fascinating portraits of a war and the decisions, the hard ones, that occasionally decent men are made to make that will forever change them. I reccomend this game for shooter fans who are tired of a tacked on story that is really only there to sell them on multiplayer aspects. I am looking at you here Modern Warfare.

All in all I highly reccommend it I am not usually a fan of shooters but this game may have changed my outlook, if they continue to make them with a clear and fascinating narrative in mind.


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