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E3 Preview:James Bond Legends

One might argue which Bond movies are the best(Thunderball) in the long lienge of Bond movies. Well the folks over at activision figured why spend all that time aurguing when they could make a game to put those old querrels to rest.

Enter james, James Bond Legends,

featuring 7 campaigns based on several of the Bond films, roughly 2-3 hours each will . I got to see a sneak peak of Bond breaking into Hugo Drax’s fortress from the famous Moonraker film. Right now the only other campaign known is the DLC Skyfall which will come out after the movie(no spoilers here).


More traditional to the movies are the new stealth elements in legends. In places where a average fps gamer would shoot first and ask questions later are now, why kill what you can avoid scenarios. Enimies are now smarter and more aware, and now have colored indications as to wether they have no sight of bond, hear bond, or actually see bond and engage him. In Legends campaign players will gather surveillence and intellegence, just like bond himself would do short of drinking a martini while you play the game.

But just becuse the bad guys aren’t complely oblivious to bonds actions doesn’t mean he can’t have fun with his gadgets. Some the new toys bond gets to play with are the EMF, which will help in finding hidden switches and power sources to help and progress on missioins. Your radar is also now relocated on your watch, giving you one less gadget to mess with and more time to figure out where the henchmen are. Once you find them you can distract them with Bond’s newest writing intsurment, the distraction pen, perfect for avoiding a fight, and better then shouting “Bond’s not over here”. In addition to your primary objectives will be hiddin secondarty objectives that can change the difficulty of the mission depend on if you complete them or not.


If being Bond isn’t enough for you, there might be something in multiplayer. Back from Goldeneye: Reloaded is the fantatic mulitplayer system. Also making a return are MI6 mode in addition being able to play villians and other characters in this mode. Also short a brief PSA don’t let your friend be Oddjob, friends don’t let friends be Oddjob. Be sure to check out James Bond Legends when it releases October 16th.



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