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Review | System Mechanic

I received System Mechanic (SM) from GotGame earlier this week.  Because of my I.T. background, I already know how to clean up my Window 7 system using its preinstalled applets. (Yes, in Windows they’re called “applets”, not “apps”.  Deal with it.) Even if I’m feeling kind of lazy, I can just use CC Cleaner, commonly referred to as “Crap Cleaner,” a free downloadable program that updates for free.  So my first thought was why would I use System Mechanic? The truth is, I wouldn’t.  However, I know someone who might, my wife.

She’s a full-time student with multiple jobs who takes her Windows Vista laptop everywhere. Since she’s always on the go, she doesn’t have any time to maintain her computer manually so her laptop has become incredibly slow.  I timed it; the OS took 5 minutes to boot up. It took at least another minute for the internet programs to be functional. Sims 2, a game downloaded onto the hard drive, worked at a decent speed with the lowest settings of the game. This poor functioning occurred even with her laptop exceeding the recommended requirements to run the game.

Her laptop was pretty much on “life support,” so I installed System Mechanic on it. Once the installation was complete, I activated SM for a year by entering the code.  I then ran all the necessary updates and started the program’s system analysis.  Unfortunately, the program locked up half way through the analysis, which forced me to close and reopen it. The analysis completed the next time around and I received the following report:

  • 309 registry errors
  • 3 unnecessary start up programs
  • 16 security issues
  • No other issues were found

The software includes various tools such as CRUDD Remover, Program Accelerator, Designated Drivers, SSD Accelerator, Internet Connection Repair and EnergyBooster, just to name a few.  Program Accelerator is particularly useful in that it speeds up the responsiveness of your programs, whether they’re games or standard applications.  For those who will be gaming on their PCs, EnergyBooster also force-closes any background programs to free up RAM and and CPU resources for added power.

A few days after the initial installation and system cleanup, my wife’s laptop is loading much faster and seems to be working properly.  At this time, there has been no negative effects from using SM and the software seems to have really improved the laptop’s stability and overall performance.  Because of my experience, I recommend System Mechanic for those who lack either time or the knowledge to manually maintain their computers.


PC users who want to try it out can check out the free download of System Mechanic which includes 7 out of the 50 tools featured in the Premium version by clicking here.


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