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IG E3 2012 – Skylanders Giants

by Chris Boreson June 23, 2012
[starrater tpl=10] Highlighting this game

Nintendo Confirms Fire Emblem for the 3DS

by Ramon Arandaon June 23, 2012
  During Nintendo’s online presentation this week from Japan, the company confirmed that a new Fire Emblem game is currently in the works for a 2013 release on the Nintendo 3DS. The company also says that DLC will be available for the game, as is the case in Japan, where the game, Fire Emblem: Awakening, […]

Tower of Fortune for iOS Review

by Josh Boykinon June 23, 2012
Many surprise titles can make their way through Apple’s App Store, and 99 cents can give you a surprising amount of charm and replay value if you spend it the right way. Game Stew’s Tower of Fortune is one of those surprisingly charming titles, fusing the excitement of slot machines with the stat building of […]

Review | System Mechanic

by Max $terlingon June 23, 2012
I received System Mechanic (SM) from GotGame earlier this week.  Because of my I.T. background, I already know how to clean up my Window 7 system using its preinstalled applets. (Yes, in Windows they’re called “applets”, not “apps”.  Deal with it.) Even if I’m feeling kind of lazy, I can just use CC Cleaner, commonly […]

GotGame Radio Daily: 6.23.12 – Disney’s Brave and Mad Riders for PSN

by Steve Masterson June 23, 2012
  Have you seen the Disney movie Brave? Well, in this episode of GotGame Radio, I talk about the video game tie-in of Brave and also Mad Riders for the Playstation Network. Stay tuned gamers! Official trailers below:

IG E3 2012 – Darksiders II

by Chris Boreson June 23, 2012
[starrater tpl=10] E3 coverage continues as The Irate Gamer checks in with THQ to talk about Darksiders II!

GotGame News Episode 36: E3 Wrap Up, Leaked Next Gen Xbox Info, and Okami HD

by Ramon Arandaon June 23, 2012
This week on GotGame News, Ramon and Tara talk about the craziness of E3 2012, Eurogamer giving off info about a leaked document revealing possible specs on the next-gen Xbox, Okami being released in HD, Nintendo’s newest downloads and Microsoft’s Xbox Live Reward program giving away tickets to see The Amazing Spider-Man movie.

New Heroes of Ruin Trailers Gives Us 37 Reasons Why We Should Be Interested…

by unlimitedliveson June 23, 2012
SquareEnix was kind enough to drop us a new trailer for their upcoming 3DS game, Heroes of Ruin.  It showcases some of the neat features the game will be coming with like 4-player co-op, leveling up and dragons. What more can you want from this Action-RPG? How bout some social features like “Traders Network” where […]

Where’s My Sequel?: Games I Want More Of

by Ramon Arandaon June 23, 2012
We’re in a gaming age where sequels are the norm.  So long as there’s at least mild interest, or the sales numbers from the original game to back it up, there’s no shortage of part 2s, 3s, and sometimes even more. That’s all fine and dandy for hit franchises like Halo, Resident Evil, Super Mario […]