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Quantum Conundrum Review (PC)

by Classic L337on June 22, 2012
This an unbiased review of Quantum Conundrum for the PC, XBOX 360, & PS3. This game was developed by: and published by: Quantum Conundrum is a brand new first person puzzle platformer. This video was produced by Dustin “Vognasty” Vogler from the Classic L337 Gaming & Electronic Podcast. Check out our podcast at […]

E3 2012 Preview | Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

by Josh Boykinon June 22, 2012
The original Sniper: Ghost Warrior sold over 2 million copies. It also was received with mixed reactions by the review community; with Metacritic scores ranging from 45% to 55%, nobody can call it a technical success. But Sniper still rests dearly in the hearts of many gamers, providing them with a slower, more steady approach […]

Get Your Coins Ready – ‘New SMB 2’ Will Have DLC

by Ryan Bateson June 22, 2012
Hate it or love it, downloadable content (DLC) is here to stay. The industry’s hippest way of milking cash cows dry has been a part of gamer’s lives since the birth of online console play. Sometimes it’s been worth it, and sometimes you wonder if that green Mage’s robe was really worth the $15 you […]

Mass Effect 3 DLC Coming Tuesday

by Adam Larckon June 22, 2012
The Extended Cut DLC for Mass Effect 3 is almost here, according to BioWare. The company announced the DLC will be out Tuesday for 360, PS3 and PC users as a free update. The Cut doesn’t “fundamentally change the endings, but rather it expands on the meaning of the original endings, and reveals greater detail […]

Namco Helping with New Smash Bros.

by Adam Larckon June 22, 2012
Nintendo announced late last night that Namco Bandai will be helping with the upcoming Smash Bros title for 3DS and Wii U. While Masahiro Sakurai will still be working on it, he’ll have some help from developers that have worked on previous fighters like Tekken and SoulCalibur as well. A statement by Nintendo says that, […]

Quantum Conundrum Coming to PSN July 10

by Adam Larckon June 22, 2012
While PC users are already enjoying Quantum Conundrum, console users will have to wait a few more weeks. Square Enix announced that the game will be out on July 10 on PSN for $14.99. Meanwhile, XBLA users will get it on July 11 for 1200 Microsoft Points. Also worth noting is that Steam users that […]

Sine Mora Coming to PS3

by Adam Larckon June 22, 2012
Sine Mora isn’t just coming to the Vita. Digital Reality announced that the game will also be making an appearance on the PS3. The “dieselpunk” shmup was originally an XBLA exclusive. Expect the game on the PSN for both systems “soon,” according to the release.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo Hits the eShop Today

by Ramon Arandaon June 22, 2012
Square Enix is going to make a lot of gamers happy today, as the publisher has just released the downloadable demo for Kingdom Hearts 3D via the Nintendo eShop. The demo will take place in Traverse Town, where Sora meets Neku (The World Ends With You).  Players will meet the Dream Eaters, who will either […]

Featurette: Bruce Campbell in The Amazing Spider-Man

by Ramon Arandaon June 22, 2012
This trailer features the affable Bruce Campbell, who plays “The Extreme Reporter” in The Amazing Spider-Man video game. Campbell describes his role in the game and how he prepared for his part.

Saints & Sinners: Last Call (June 22)

by Drew Robbinson June 22, 2012
In the video game industry, the fans are bombarded by two separate yet equally important groups: Saints, who bring with them only the purest form of joy, and Sinners, beings dedicated solely to evoking misery. These are their stories. Friends, readers, and trolls, we have reached the end of the road. As of the end […]

Nintendo Reveals the 3DS XL

by Ramon Arandaon June 22, 2012
Last night, during Nintendo Direct, the publisher unveiled its latest iteration of the 3DS – the Nintendo 3DS XL. Much like the XL versions of the DSi before it, the new handheld will obviously be much larger, coming in with screens that are 90% larger than those found on the 3DS.  Nintendo plans to release […]