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Dragon Age Legends Now Free to Download

BioWare’s free Facebook game, Dragon Age Legends can now be played offline. BioWare has made the game available for download; utilizing Adobe Air, anyone can download and play the standalone single-player game from the comfort of their offline computers.

Originally only available to play online, Dragon Age Legends allows adventurers to go through a full single-player campaign while interacting with friends to take on new quests, gain loot, and build castles. The game also allowed players to unlock content for the action-RPG Dragon Age 2. Considering the number of free-to-play games EA still has available online, they aren’t losing out on much by migrating the game offline. For a company known as the “world’s worst,” they’ve made a rather player-centric decision by giving the game out to players still committed to their quests in the land of Kaiten.

The game takes place 13 years after a Templar named Ravi has helped to stomp out corruption in the land of Kaiten, along with the assistance of a skilled band of warriors. You are one of Ravi’s most trusted followers; as shadowy plots begin to surround the new Viscount Ravi’s son, you’re entrusted to investigate and handle the problem. The game’s unique art-style and story will draw in RPG gamers as it has since before Dragon Age 2‘s release. BioWare is currently working on a way for players of the Facebook version of the game to download their characters and play them offline; more information will be available in a few days.

Download the full version of Dragon Age Legends at www.dragonagelegends.com. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have Adobe Air installed on your computer in order to install and play the game. Considering there’s no registration or hoops to jump through to get or play the game, it’s a great addition to your offline gaming library.


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