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access_time June 21, 2012 at 1:54 PM in Reviews by Tim St. Croix

Review | Devil May Cry HD Collection

For the first time two of the best games from the PS2’s hey day is now available in a shiny 3-game hd collection in Devil May Cry HD Collection. Though admittedly the term HD is a bit of a misnomer. The only thing HD about this is the gameplay the video, the menu’s and everything else not game play related is in original SD and can be jarring to switch back and forth from not to mention blurry. Now some of you may be saying but wait there are three games how come you said two of the best, the answer is simple. Devil May Cry 2 sucks, sucks hard, and long, and probably has TMJ from the long hours of sucking so hard.

Now on to the gameplay. It is exactly as you remember no better no worse. After booting it up I forgot how much I rely on the concept of a moveable camera you kind of take it for granted in this day and age but back then they were trying to squeeze as much graphical power out of the ps2 and it was relatively new tech so they worked with what they knew and that was a fixed camera. I will say though that after an hour or so you no longer noticed and suddenly I was back in the hey day in highschool with my ps2 pulling off SS missions and m assive combos almost like I never stopped playing. It is a real treat for fans of the series and if you were one then this collection is for you. If you however werent sold on the series then this collection will do nothing to change you mind.

It is hard to review something thats already been reviewed so many times, the reviews are out there nothing has really changed all they did was slap a new coat of paint on the outside and that was about it. Do not let that stop you though from playing some of the best games from any generation of console. For the hardcore action junkie these games are top notch.


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