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Wii-U Release Date/Price Outed?

by on June 20, 2012

Well it looks like we finally have a release date for the Wii-U…maybe. According to That VideoGame Blog, Amazon Germany has outed the release date and price for the upcoming next gen console. Apparently the console will come out on December 21st of this year, which sticks true to Nintendo’s “Holiday 2012” release. However it seems more like a filler date than anything and it’s too close to Christmas to be even plausible.

As for the price, it will be a whopping 399.99 Euros which translates to over $500 dollars. YIKES! The web page for the product does mention that this price is only speculation though. I really highly doubt that Nintendo is going to be that audacious about their new hardware.

Stay tuned in the following months for an announcement about the pricing and release date for the Wii-U. Unless Nintendo delays the launch of the system until next year…

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