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E3 2012 Preview | Quantum Conundrum

It’s no secret to my fellow GotGame staffers that I’m a huge fan of the Portal series.  When you’re able to mix in well-thought out puzzles, with a solid presentation and a great hook, I’m sold.  Needless to say, I was quite interested to see how Square Enix’s Quantum Conundrum was shaping up as I didn’t get the chance to see it for myself at this year’s Game Developers Conference, but did hear good things from our own Andrew Kent.

If you have yet to see or hear much about this game, the premise is quite simple.  You are a young boy who has been dropped off to visit his uncle.  Of course, something has gone awfully wrong at his house and it’s up to you to rescue him using his newest invention – the IDS, or Interdimensional Shift Device.

With the IDS, you’ll be able to switch between dimensions to help you solve puzzles to move forward.  During the demo, I was able to check out a few of these dimensions, namely the Fluffy Dimension, which makes everything super lightweight and enables you to lift up things like a sofa; the Anti-Gravity Dimension, which is pretty self explanatory and the heavy dimension which makes anything pretty damn, well heavy.

In one early puzzle, where I was still learning about dimension shifting, I needed to get through a glass window.  Unfortunately there was nothing in my possession that I could use to break it, while on the other side of the window, there was a tube that was spitting out cardboard boxes.  As it turned out, when one of the boxes was in mid-air, I switched to Anti-Gravity to make it float higher, then turned on the Heavy Dimension to turn the box into a metal crate, thus hitting the window and shattering it.  In another instance, I used the Fluffy dimension to lift up a sofa and put it in front of a laser that wouldn’t let me pass through.  As soon as I laid it down, I switched back to normal mode so that the laser wouldn’t destroy it and then made my way through.

Before the preview was over, one of the developers showed us a rather difficult puzzle that required a nice amount of planning.  He had to make his way across a huge gap, which ended with a door that also needed two switches to be pushed down.  To make a long story short, he used a few dimensions to get a wooden box all the way across the gap and then used another one as a platform to get himself across, before placing the first box and himself on the switches to open the door.  Keep in mind that this gap was probably about 50 yards or so…

From what I managed to play at E3, I’m throughly optimistic that Square Enix will have a runaway hit with Quantum Conundrum upon its release this summer.


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