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BandFuse: Rock Legends Coming to Xbox 360 This Winter

After Rock Band 3 hit the scene it seemed it might be the last hurrah of the music genre. However, Ubisoft threw itself into the guitar game scene and managed to carve out its own niche by taking Harmonix´s Pro Mode a step farther and making “Rocksmith.” Essentially a basic “how to play” guitar tool Rocksmith allows players to use any guitar they have at home to play their game, and just recently announced they were adding Bass to the game as well. So, a lesser known developer Relatia along with Massif try to blend the best of both games in creating BandFuse: Rock Legends.

BandFuse: Rock Legends attempts to bring the pick up and play style of Rock Band with the use of on screen music notes (in the form of actual tablature) and the learning aesthetic promoted in Rocksmith together in one game. Bandfuse also takes another page from Rock Band and tries to make it a full band experience by allowing real guitars, bass, and microphones to be used all at once during gameplay, set the tune of real tracks, and has a deep career mode too.

The on-screen tablature shows up on screen similar to the Rock Band jewels but are moved along the screen as if you are seeing the neck of the guitar while playing the notes. This simplifies the music for beginners, showing them where to place their fingers and when to strum the strings. Experienced guitarists will be challenged to master solos and advanced techniques, playing along with songs exactly as recorded by the original artists.

Slash formerly of Guns N’ Roses, will also be around to guide players every step of the way, along with recently announced additions of Zakk Wylde and Nancy Wilson of “Hearts”

Here are some of the features in the game:

The Real Deal – Players strap on a real guitar and within minutes are playing along with the biggest rock songs of all time. BandFuse works with any guitar – use the included adapter to plug directly into your console.

Multiple Instruments – Use your favorite guitar or bass to jam, or sing along with a USB microphone (not included) to every song.

The Ultimate Set List – The biggest hits. The biggest artists. From punk to funk and rock to metal, BandFuse features a massive genre-jumping set list including: Alive – Pearl Jam, Godzilla –Blue Oyster Cult, Cult of Personality – Living Colour, No Rain – Blind Melon, Reptilia –The Strokes, Yellow – Coldplay, Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd, Back From Cali – Slash, Breaking the Law – Judas Priest, Harder to Breathe – Maroon 5 and The Bleeding – Five Finger Death Punch.

Animated Tabs – BandFuse animates real guitar tablature in a simple and intuitive format allowing you to take your music wherever you go.

Create Original Content– Go beyond strumming top artists songs by creating your own original pieces, uploading to the BandFuse cloud and sharing them with friends.

* Free Jam –jam to your heart’s content, creating all-original songs.
* Jam Along – choose from a selection of backing tracks, then lay down your own riffs, rhythm and vocal tracks.
* Share Over Social Networks – Record and share your favorite tracks and re-recorded content with friends and fans over Xbox LIVE and social networks.

Multiplayer – Form bands and play along with your favorite songs, or create original music in real-time with up to 3 friends. Rock hard and own online Leaderboards and Challenges.

Sound Like a Rock Legend – Add authentic amp and pedal effects like distortion, reverb and chorus to sound like a pro without all the expensive gear.
* Total Song Control – Slow down songs to hear every nuance or loop your favorite segments as you jam along. BandFuse gives you total control of every song.

Deep Career Mode – Progress through the phases of a rock career starting from humble beginnings and work your way to become a Rock Legend.

Here is a trailer for the game:

BandFuse: Rock Legends will be available Winter 2012 for Xbox 360.


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