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E3 2012: Defiance Tie-In Shaping up Great

Before E3, I had barely even heard of Defiance from Trion Worlds.

However, after playing the game quite a bit at the expo, I’m going to call it one of the sleeper hits of E3.

Defiance is actually being designed alongside a show coming to Syfy next year. The background of the series is that aliens tried to harvest materials off the earth, destroying a lot of the landscape in the progress.

Both the game and series take place 40 years later as players fight against the aliens, thugs and others hunting Ark, the elements the aliens sought after. The game actually takes place before Joshua Nolan, the main character of the TV series, leaves San Francisco to go to St. Louis. However, it will explain the events that led to his departure.

The game is actually an MMO shooter, but won’t have classes. Instead, loadouts will be changeable, from guns to grenades to skills. While skills weren’t being shown off in gameplay, they did show the speed run which is as simple as the name sounds.

One thing to note here is that the game is expected to release on PC, PS3 and 360. Being an MMO, I was surprised to hear about the console choices. However, Trion said they are trying the best they can to allow as many players as possible on the consoles to play in a world at once.

As an MMO, you can expect plenty of quests and instances in the game. However, random events will also occur in the game called Arkfalls. Arkfalls are random drops from the sky that will basically act like world events. This can range from equipment dropping in the world or enemies dropping from the sky for players to take on together.

Defiance will also feature PVP, and will allow character experience to carry over. However, PVP wasn’t being shown off yet.

The gameplay itself was simple to pick up, as it was the standard shooter formula seen in quite a few games. The game did feature an auto-aim that was pretty forgiving, so hopefully an off option for the game will be available, at least in PVP if nowhere else.

The game will also feature vehicles for fast travel, although only the Quad was shown at E3. Players will be able to buy and sell guns at vendors, as well as randomly find them in the environment.

Trion also hopes to encourage exploration by including various challenges for experience, as well as hidden single-player instances. While wondering around, I stumbled on one that had you trying to survive waves of enemies for two minutes. The interesting thing about the instance is that it seamlessly transported me to my own world to do the instance from the rest of the world. So, if for some rare case all the gamers came to that area to do the instance, each player would be in their own place not interfering with each other.

It should be noted that Trion still isn’t sure if there will be armor that has enhancements or if it will just be aesthetic. In addition, they weren’t sure what the level cap is yet or if there will be microtransactions. However, the company has plenty of time before the release to hammer this out.

Trion also was unsure about what the price point for the game would be, as well as if it will be a retail release or digital download. However, they expect there to be a beta later this year.

Gamers should keep Defiance on their radar for its release next April, alongside the show.


  • Ramon Aranda June 15, 2012 at 10:44 AM

    This looks good; might have to give it a whirl.

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