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access_time June 11, 2012 at 7:02 PM in PC/Mac by Adam Larck

E3 2012: Warface Focuses More on Co-op

In Crytek’s previous games, Crysis 2 and 3, the multiplayer was all about competitive.

Warface, however, seems to be focusing more on the co-op mode. The first free-to-play AAA FPS game from Crytek will feature competitive gameplay, don’t get me wrong, but the big bonuses will be coming from doing good in co-op.

The game, already out in Russia and other areas around China, will let up to five players take on three different levels of challenges that will change daily. The team said that the AI will be adaptive at each level to give even veteran FPS players challenge, meaning that the hard levels will always offer a good challenge.

The biggest reason the game will revolve around the co-op mode is because of the leaderboards. By finishing on the top in categories such as time, kills, bullets used, etc., you can get special crowns that can be used to buy items that have multiple perks or access to guns for a day.

The team stressed that they don’t want the game to be a pay-to-win game. All guns will be able to be unlocked as you level up, and money will be used for primarily cosmetic changes. However, all the crowns you need can be earned in game over time.

Meanwhile, the competitive multiplayer will feature six different modes. The modes range from the traditional deathmatch and team deathmatch to storm (trying to capture as many territories within a time limit) to more.

The game features four classes, similar to Battlefield 3: Rifleman (refill ammo), Medic (refill health), Engineer (repair shields) and Sniper (self-explanatory). Each class can use some class-specific weapons, or weapons that can be used by all, such as powerful shotguns that can destroy enemies coming around corners.

The menus will let players compare and contract various stats on the guns in the shop, such as rate of ammo used, spread, etc. All weapons can also be tried out before equipping, and scopes, handles and accessories on the guns can be switched mid-game on the fly.

Gameplay was the standard FPS fare. Players can vault objects and slide to avoid fire. It was easy to pick up and run with, but seemed simple enough for FPS rookies to come in and play a few rounds. Halfway through the co-op mission, we did come across a miniboss that needed teamwork to take down by using a few teammates as bait while the others flanked him and attacked his back.

Another interesting point to bring up is that, even though this is a Crytek title, it won’t need a high-end PC to run. With the game being a free-to-play title, Crytek wants to make sure that lower-end PCs will be able to play it as well as players with top PC graphic cards.


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