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E3 2012: RaiderZ Bringing Monster Hunter Genre to PC

Monster Hunter has always had strong support in Japan, but the series has never had a huge takeoff in North America.

Perfect World is hoping to have success with the monster killing genre, though, by making RaiderZ be easily accessible to more players.

The free-to-play MMO will let players customize their character by being able to learn skills from any job class. The team stressed that their will be no character classes in the game, meaning that warriors can launch fireballs or healing spells on the side, or someone that loves to use spells can whip out a two-handed broadsword.

However, it should be noted that different jobs can only use certain weapons. So, if you’re using a sword healing spells may not be available to use. Finding jobs that have weapons that overlap starts becoming vital to let you use as many abilities as possible. The team did note that weapons, which can be tabbed through, can have individual skill trees paired up to them to use.

Before we actually got into destroying monsters, I was shown a few of the group abilities that will be available in the game: playing instruments and feasting. While on the surface these may seem gimmicky, they both do have positive effects for the party. Music can give various buffs for the party, while feasting can heal the party and give buffs as well.

As far as gameplay goes, it was your standard MMORPG fare of destroying enemies with attacks and skills. However, an interesting addition is that you can pick up enemy weapons and use them against them for short amount of times. In addition, you can sometimes even pick up body parts and use them like weapons, like a skeleton’s skull or scorpion’s tail.

After killing enemies for a bit, the Tilunt Zombie was spawned in to take out. Many bosses will have weak points you can destroy to weaken a boss, such as the zombie’s drum that caused various effects.

Like Monster Hunter, bosses and enemies don’t drop full weapons to equip. Instead, they drop pieces of weapons for you to craft. In fact, some drops from bosses will be rare drops, meaning groups will have to farm certain bosses for powerful weapons.

This also means traveling back to some of the game’s earlier 11 zones to kill things like a rare spider boss in the forest early on in the game for powerful weapon components. While the game won’t feature fast travel, it will feature mounts to try and help travel go quicker.

Players can check out the game in the third quarter of 2012, when an open beta is expected to launch.


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