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PS3 vs Wii U Graphics Comparsion

by on June 10, 2012

Even after E3, we still don’t know quite where the Wii U’s specs sit.  We have rumors flying all around, but how about we look at some hard evidence?  Eurogamer has taken screenshots from the PS3 and Wii U versions of Arkham City at the same point in the game, and the comparison is quite enlightening.

Judging solely by these screenshots, the Wii U version looks like a significant step up from the PS3.  Many elements are simply more detailed, and the draw distance on the Wii U version is a huge improvement over the PS3 version.  The gap between the Wii U and PS3 seems to be akin to the gap between the PS2 and the original X-Box.  This is just one set of screen shots from on game that wasn’t made with the Wii U in mind, so it would be wise not to draw too many conclusions right now.  That being said, these screenshots make a nice case for the Wii U being an improvement over current gen consoles.  Hopefully, developers will take advantage of the Wii U’s capabilities in coming ports.

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