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Wii U Price 299.99 Maybe?

by Sean Garmeron June 10, 2012
After E3, many wondered why Nintendo did not show off the full capabilities of their new console with a special secret game. So, it left a lot of speculation as to if the Wii U is really that much better than the current generation PS3 and Xbox 360? However,...

PS3 vs Wii U Graphics Comparsion

by Justin Weinblatton June 10, 2012
Even after E3, we still don’t know quite where the Wii U’s specs sit.  We have rumors flying all around, but how about we look at some hard evidence?  Eurogamer has taken screenshots from the PS3 and Wii U versions of Arkham City at th...

Levitation UI is here…

by ubernauton June 10, 2012
And what is levitation Ui you ask? Just watch, words alone can’t do this technology justice. Can’t wait to see what kind of crazy Nintendo controller gets made out of that. ↬ John Nack on Adobe ᔥ Jinha Lee, MIT Media Lab
[starrater tpl=10] Killatia’s 4th, and final, day at E3 2012. I had a blast and hope to be back next year. I hope you enjoy, and I have more e3 videos coming soon so stick around. My website:
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