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E3 2012: New Planet, Warzone and more coming to The Old Republic

With Star Wars: The Old Republic still in its first year of existence, BioWare is making sure to keep the updates coming to keep fans entertained.

Titled “Allies,” the biggest update to the game is the addition of a new planet to explore: Makeb. The planet will be complete with new quests for players to go through as they try to stop the Hutts from launching an assault to take over the galaxy.

Also, fans of Knights of the Old Republic will be happy to know that a new companion will soon be available in the game. HK-47 has been upgraded to the HK-51 assassin droid, and will be unlockable through a hard quest line, according to BioWare. It was also noted that both sides will be able to get him as a companion.

New skills are also being added to compliment the raised level cap coming to the game. The new levels will also help players take on the new Nightmare mode. The mode will make many Flashpoints even harder, giving tougher enemies and better loot.

The game will also have a new Operation included in it: Terror From Beyond. Also included is a new 8 vs. 8 PVP Warzone: Ancient Hypergates. In addition, new Heroic Missions are being added to the game as well.

All of these updates are expected to go live in the next few months. However, current players can try to opt into a beta right now to allow access to certain parts of the next update to help test for bugs.

Another note to add for players interested in The Old Republic is that, starting in July, the game will be free-to-play up to level 15 to let all gamers get a chance to experience the universe.


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