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access_time June 7, 2012 at 10:28 PM in Nintendo by Ramon Aranda

E3 2012 Preview | New Super Mario Bros. U

The Big-N is primed to release New Super Mario Bros. U within the console’s launch window, adding classic Mario play with the gleam and shine its new baby.

During E3 this week, we had the opportunity to finally go hands-on not only with the new system but with the New Super Mario Bros. U.  The demo that we got to play included three courses and gave us a great idea of how the new game will look and feel.  For starters, players will be able to get in on the fun in single-player, either playing with the Gamepad or a Wii controller.  Of note was the reveal that the game would also be playable directly on the Gamepad without even needing to turn on your TV.

Up to 4 players can tackle the game as playable characters, while a 5th player can take hold of the Gamepad in Boost mode and help out by creating platforms, smacking around enemies. This is especially useful when playing single-player and a friend, relative or anyone else wants to get in on the action but in a minor role.  Of course they can also be a pain, as they will have the ability to smack you too if they really want to.

During our brief demo, we tried out a trio of courses that gave us a good feel for the controls – running as smoothly as any Mario game before it, while being totally accessible to anyone.  I also couldn’t help but stare at the gorgeous and colorful backdrops.  Each level really felt alive and was a simply to look at.  In one of the courses, we also were able to grab an acorn, which gives Mario a squirrel outfit.  This outfit allows Mario to not only fly, but also glide down gracefully by spreading his arms out.  In another course, we came across a baby Yoshi that could be grabbed and brought along throughout the entire level.  Feeding Yoshi enabled us to shake the Wii remote to make him swell up like Kirby and fly up into the air.  Little by little, he would lose air and come down, though shaking the remote would again give us a little bit more height.

New Super Mario Bros. U will also work in conjunction with Miiverse, as other players’ comments will be visible as well as their accomplishments when connected to the upcoming Nintendo Network.

With the company also cooking up New Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS, the company certainly has a nice one-two punch of Mario goodness, but without question, the Wii U version is as entertaining as you’ll find a Mario game to be.


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