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E3 2012: Dead Or Alive 5 Coming September 25

by Sean Garmeron June 5, 2012
TECMO KOEI America and Team Ninja announced today that DEAD OR ALIVE 5 will be available in stores and online retailers on September 25, 2012. After taking a hiatus, the widely recognized series returns with a new look and feel while retaining the legacy that established the series as a core fighting contender. DEAD OR […]

You, Me, and E3 Day 1: U Got Me Interested…

by Ryan Bateson June 5, 2012
Well, Ramon left the tripod in the GotGameMobile, but that gives me a little time to talk about the Nintendo Press Conference, titled “Nintendo All-Access @ E3 2012.” Right now, the access has been minimal. Flashes on screens and only a little bit of gameplay. However, Nintendo promises to have a lot of hands-on interaction […]

Dead Space 3 Explores Frozen Tundra in 2013

by Drew Robbinson June 5, 2012
The existence of Dead Space 3 is what might be generously referred to as a poorly kept secret and less generously referred to as a foregone conclusion. That said, it wasn’t until yesterday that EA officially confirmed the title’s existence. Today, details surrounding the game became more concrete as EA revealed details in regards to […]

E3 2012: Sony Shows How Last of Us Dazzles

by Sean Garmeron June 5, 2012
Naughty Dog surprised everyone at the 2011 VGA´s by debuting “Last of Us” and now the “I Am Legend” inspired, Zombie filled title, starring Ellie who looks a lot like Ellen Page, (who will be starring in another Sony game “BEYOND”) and Joel who looks like an older Nathan Drake. These two will try to […]

E3 2012: Sony Showcases God of War: Ascension Gameplay

by Sean Garmeron June 5, 2012
God of War has been a huge franchise for Sony ever since its inception on the PS2. Three core titles and various spinoffs later and we have a God of War prequel with the surprise inclusion of multiplayer to boot. Sony made God of War: Ascension one of the last things to show off at […]

E3 2012: Valve Reveals Release Date for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

by Drew Robbinson June 5, 2012
In recent weeks, Valve has continuously affirmed its lack of surprising announcements at this year’s E3. While they may not be taking part in the show’s most exciting aspect, the Washington-based developer has created buzz with a previously announced title, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, that they have given an official release date of August 21, 2012. […]

GotGame Radio Daily: 6.5.12 – Rayman Origins 3DS and Inversion

by Steve Masterson June 5, 2012
New games are out today and you know what that means? A jam packed episode of GotGame Radio with yours truly telling you guys which ones you might to score today. In this episode of GGR, I talk about Rayman Origins for the Nintendo 3DS, Virtua Fighter 5: The Final Showdown and the vertigo inducing […]

Killatia’s E3 2012 Vlog Day 1

by killatiaon June 5, 2012
[starrater tpl=10] My vlog of my experiances at the major press conferences of E3. My website:

Sony’s Press Conference Shows They’re Holding Back

by Josh Boykinon June 5, 2012
Sony had some pretty big goals to live up to as the final show of the night Monday evening. Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft all came out and made showings for their new technologies and games, so the big question is: did Sony live up to the expectations set by the other companies? Even though they […]

Killatia’s E3 2012 Vlog Day 0

by killatiaon June 5, 2012
[starrater tpl=10] With many of the amazing e3 stuff happening soon killatia decides to get a look at how awesome the la convention center looks My website:

EA/Criterion Reinvent Need for Speed Most Wanted

by Ramon Arandaon June 5, 2012
At their press conference on Monday afternoon, EA and Criterion Games announced that they are reimagining Need for Speed Most Wanted – the best selling game of the NFS series. This new version of the game will feature an open world environment that mixes in some Burnout qualities such as takedowns, while maintaining the game’s signature […]